The Best Windows With The Least Maintenance

Updated:  August 23, 2022

When it comes time to replace your windows, you want to find the highest quality, lowest maintenance option. You have enough to worry about without adding window cleaning and repairs to your list. That’s why we confidently recommend vinyl windows when you are looking for the best windows with the least maintenance. They are high quality, with exceptional durability and plenty of curb appeal. Here’s why we recommend vinyl windows as the smarter choice for homeowners.

What Are Vinyl Windows?

What-Are-Vinyl-Windows-Best-Windows-With-The-Least-MaintenanceAlthough the term “vinyl windows” sounds confusing, vinyl is the material used for the frames holding the glass panes. So, the types of windows such as wood, vinyl and aluminum are based on the material used for the frames. The frames play an important role in maintenance because the durability, weather-resistance and coatings used all contribute to how long the frames will last. While vinyl might not seem very sturdy, there are different types of vinyl.

For windows, the vinyl frames are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is made of chemicals, fillers, plasticizers, and pigments which create a very durable, strong material ideal for window frames. A high-quality mix of these ingredients creates a material that lasts for decades, protecting your windows from common issues such as fading, warping, rusting, brittleness, and wood rot. As a result, they are practically maintenance-free.

How To Spot Quality Vinyl Windows

How-To-Spot-Quality-Vinyl-Windows-Best-Windows-With-The-Least-MaintenanceBecause every window company uses their own formula to create their vinyl it can be hard to know if your windows are of the highest quality. However, there are three things to look for:

1. Colour

Vinyl with a bluish tint reflects a lower-quality vinyl frame. That bluish tint is a sure sign your vinyl windows will fade and begin to yellow instead of maintaining their pure white tone. High-quality vinyl uses high amounts of additives including organic tin and titanium dioxide to prevent yellowing and fading. So even if you aren’t going with white frames, always look at the white sample to see if it looks bluish.

2. Frame Construction

How the frame is held together affects its integrity. Frames are either welded or have mechanical connections. Mechanical connections would include elements such as brackets, screws and caulking to hold the frame together. Unfortunately, these are prone to breakage during transport or installation. Welding on the other hand is a much higher quality method as it uses the vinyl’s chemistry for seamless, impenetrable seals for added protection and a smoother look.

3. Cross-Sectioning

Finally, look at the “cross-section” of the frame design. Most window companies will have a “slice” of their vinyl to show you what its inner workings look like. You want to see more empty chamber points as this provides better insulation and energy efficiency.

Vinylbilt windows stand up to all of these tests.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum Or Wood

Vinyl-Windows-Vs.-Aluminum-Or-WoodLow maintenance windows won’t rot or peel requiring constant repainting and frame replacement like wood. As well they also won’t pit or flake like lower quality aluminum windows. Vinyl isn’t at risk for any of these issues, because the colour of the vinyl is not a paint or coating. Instead, the vinyl itself is tinted so it never requires repainting.

Why Are Vinyl Windows The Best Windows With The Least Maintenance?

Why-Are-Vinyl-Windows-Low-Maintenance-Weaver-Exterior-RemodelingIn hand with integrated colour, Weaver offers Simply Clean® coating to your windows. This coating uses the power of the sun to keep your windows clean. Once the UV rays hit the coating, it triggers the Simply Clean® technology which breaks down dust, dirt and organic deposits that can cause issues such as mould. Mother nature takes over, using the rain to wash away the residue left behind. As a result, your windows look cleaner longer, so less work is required to keep them sparkling clean.

Weather Resistance

Weather-Resistance-Is-Important-In-Vinyl-WindowsPremium vinyl windows are designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Ontario season after season and year after year. For example, our Vinylbilt windows use drainage flaps that only open when water accumulates and needs to drain. Other lower quality windows simply punch holes for drainage which leaves the frames more vulnerable to leaks.

Best Window Styles For Low Maintenance

Best-Window-Styles-For-Low-Maintenance-CleaningTiltable windows allow you to wash your window panes both inside and out without the need for ladders and equipment. The windows provide access from inside the home so you simply tilt them to wash the glass with ease.

Other Benefits Of Vinylbilt Windows

Other-Benefits-Of-Vinyl-Windows-The-Best-Windows-With-The-Least-MaintenanceWe highly recommend Vinylbilt windows not just because they are low maintenance but because they also offer the following benefits:

Thermal Performance for Year-Round Comfort: In the cold of winter, your windows feel warmer because the Low-E windows retain more of your interior heat. In the heat of the summer, they filter out the heat of the sun, so your home maintains a more comfortable temperature.

Smooth Operation: Smooth operation provides maximum performance as windows are not put through too much stress.

Security: The Night Latch on slider and hung windows allow you to keep windows open for ventilation without opening your windows completely. The latch makes it impossible to open the windows to gain entry without significant force. It also provides added protection to keep kids safe, especially on upper floors. It is childproof so kids can’t accidentally open windows without disengaging the mechanism.

Energy Efficiency: Vinyl is an effective insulator, made even better with Low-E glass coatings and unique White ‘S Class’ Super Spacer® technology. Argon or Krypton gas is added between the panes of glass to reduce heat loss while preventing hot, humid air from entering your home. The insulating properties allow you to run your AC less in the summer and turn down the heat in the winter.

Warranty: Vinylbilt offers a Transferable Lifetime Warranty on every window, perfect if you intend to sell your home in the future.

Stylish Designs: A wide selection of vinyl window components allow you to match your home design for added curb appeal. As well, you can even customize your window hardware to fit in with your interiors.

If you are looking for the ideal new windows for home, vinyl is low maintenance, energy-efficient and stylish. Click here for a free quote or call our window professionals today for expert guidance on the best vinyl low maintenance windows for your home.



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