Why Vinyl Windows Are A Smarter Choice

Updated:  August 30, 2017

For many homeowners, when making any major home-repair decisions, costs play a significant role. When it comes to windows, vinyl windows are a superior, all-around excellent choice. Unlike wood, when buying vinyl replacement windows and doors, they will never rot or require endless repainting. And unlike aluminum, vinyl replacement windows and doors will never pit or flake.

Vinyl Windows offer increased comfort and energy efficiency, provide headache-free operation and add value to your home. It doesn’t get much better than that! Weaver Exterior Remodeling offers Vinyl Windows built for Canadian weather and proudly made in Canada.


Here are a few advantages of vinyl windows:

Increased Comfort: Vinylbilt Windows and Doors offer excellent thermal performance for year-round comfort. Warmer in the winter, you’ll notice Vinylbilt LoE windows actually feel warmer to the touch. This is because they retain more of your interior heat. Cooler in the summer, their LoE treated windows are able to filter out the sun’s heat, keeping the interior of your home cooler.

Smooth Operation: Vinylbilt windows and doors open and close easily for maximum performance with minimum effort. Another great feature is the Night Latch, which allows a Slider or Hung window to be partially opened for ventilation, but does not allow it to be fully opened without significant force. The latch also acts as a child safety feature, preventing the window from being accidentally opened without disengaging the mechanism.

Weather Ability: The premium vinyl used in our windows and doors can stand up to extreme weather conditions year after year. Their windows also offer drainage flaps. Other companies will punch holes for drainage, Vinylbilt utilizes flaps that only open when water is required to drain.

Energy Efficiency: Vinyl is an effective insulator, and Vinylbilt Windows can help. It begins with their LoE glass coatings and unique White ‘S Class” Super Spacer® technology. You can choose from either Argon or Krypton gas between the panes of glass. In the winter, it helps keep in more heat energy during the day, while reducing heat loss at night. In the summer, the same technology prevents hot, humid air from entering your home. Advanced glass packages for optimum energy efficiency. The end result: reduced air condition costs when it’s warm, and lowered heating bills when it’s cold.

Low Maintenance: The colour of the vinyl is integrated throughout, so the frames will never require painting. In addition, you can add the optional Simply-Clean® coating to your windows, and the sun will actually help to keep your windows clean. As the sun’s rays make contact with the coating, Simply-Clean® is activated, helping break down dust, dirt and other organic deposits. The rain then washes the residue left behind away, so you won’t have to clean the windows as often.

Value: Not only do Vinylbilt windows and doors help to lower home utility bills, tilt window technology allows you to clean the outside window from the inside adding value to your home! Vinylbilt also offers a Transferable Lifetime Warranty on every window.

If you are having window issues and are thinking of new vinyl windows, we can help you sort through the choices.  Call our window professionals today for expert guidance on the best vinyl window options for your home.



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