Benefits Of Upgrading Patio Doors

Updated:  August 21, 2022

Patio and garden doors are not just entries into your backyard. They serve many purposes including allowing more natural light into your home, a point of egress during a fire, and a beautiful view of your garden. They come in many different designs and configurations, from sliders to traditional French-style garden doors. That means you are sure to find something to suit your taste and budget for your patio door upgrade. Here we list the many benefits of upgrading patio doors.

What Are Patio Doors?

What-Are-Patio-Doors-Benefits-Of-Upgrading-Patio-DoorsPatio doors are large double glass doors. The typical patio door is a slider that opens along a track. They come with a screen to allow you to get plenty of air circulation without worrying about pests. They have large glass panes to let in the light. Garden doors or “French” doors are hinged and swing open and closed. These types of patio doors are a lovely, elegant alternative and can greatly improve your home’s value.

There are many variations and styles for both types of doors, including three-paned garden doors. Sliders are ideal for lower budgets, or in spaces where the berth to open the door either inside or out isn’t wide enough.

Patio Doors Today Are Energy-Efficient

Todays-Patio-Doors-Are-Energy-EfficientAccording to the Canadian government, Energy Star sliding glass doors are the “best of the best”, providing up to 55% more energy-efficiency than average patio doors. This is very important because patio doors have such a large pane of glass. Customized patio and garden doors use low-E glass options and polyurethane fillings which create the best possible insulation against the cold. Always go with Energy Star certified products to take advantage of these insulating properties and see the most savings.

Patio And Garden Doors Are Easy Maintenance

Patio-And-Garden-Doors-Are-Low-Maintenance-Weaver-ExteriorPatio and garden doors are low maintenance, requiring just a quick clean every now and then. The vinyl framework is also low maintenance without the need for repainting, while steel doors have a highly durable, maintenance-free finish.

Lots Of Design Options When Upgrading Patio Doors

Lots-Of-Design-Options-When-Upgrading-Patio-Doors-Weaver-Exterior-BarrieGarden and patio doors are completely customizable to suit your interior and exterior design style. You can customize the following to create your own look:

Colour: A selection of over two dozen shades is available allowing you to match any colour scheme.

Grilles: Internal and external grilles are available for both garden and patio doors. Garden doors have “lites” that can be designed with your choice of grilles. The actual full glass panes of patio sliders can also include grilles. Grilles can be either internal or external and are the ideal way to add more depth and a sense of texture to your doors. They come in your choice of white, pewter and brass in a flat modern grille or traditional textured grille.

The grilles can be configured in two styles: 1) Prairie, which is a frame a few inches in from the main frame of the doors, or 2) Colonial, which is a gridded pattern across the entire window. Prairie grilles add interest without interfering with your view, while colonial grilles are classic and offer a cozy feel.

Caming Finishes: “Caming” is a decorative feature in doors consisting of grooved metal strips bent to create designs that hold the various types of decorative glass in place. Much like stained glass, you can then choose glass of various textures, such as frosted and clear, as well as bevel designs.

The type of caming can be chosen to match your door hardware or to complement other interior or exterior décor. You can choose between a wide assortment of metal finishes including brass, satin nickel, black chrome, and patina. The windows then have a variety of geometric patterns available that are then filled with your choice of clear glass or privacy glass.

Your customized patio doors become a major design feature of your home, inside and out.

You Can Add Privacy To Patio Doors

Patio-Doors-Can-Have-PrivacyIf privacy is an issue, you can add mini blinds to your patio doors. Not only is this a good way to control light and privacy, but it is also the lowest-maintenance window treatment available. The mini blinds are housed between the panes of glass, so you never have to worry about dusting. They are easier to operate because you also don’t have to worry about tangled strings.

Instead, they use external operators with one to lift and lower the shades and another to adjust the slats. As a result, you control light and privacy. They also never get in the way when trying to open and close the door itself.

Patio Doors Improve Security

Patio-Doors-Improve-Security-Weaver-ExteriorIf you are worried about security, garden and patio doors offer many security features, including:

Kick locks installed at the bottom of the panel allowing you to leave your patio door ajar for air circulation but locked in place. In cooler, fresher weather you can open the door slightly without worries of intruders entering, or your kids getting out.

Security bars running across the width of one glass panel that makes the door completely immovable. The bar locks your patio door much like the trusty Canadian security option of placing a hockey stick in the track.

High-quality hardware on garden doors is exactly the same as hardware used on front entry doors. They are available in secure choices including grip sets, knobs, levers, deadbolts, and smart locks, in five finishes to match your caming finish or to go with your entry door.

Lifetime Warranty

When you order patio door or garden door installation with Weaver, we offer our own lifetime warranty on labour on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. This gives you added peace of mind as, if anything goes wrong, it will be replaced or repaired at no additional charge to you. We are confident our work will last and are happy to make things right on the rare occasion when an issue comes up.

When you are updating your patio doors speak to the Weaver team. We have over 20 years of experience and are your one-stop patio door specialists in the Barrie area. Click here to request a free quote.


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