Creating Curb Appeal

Updated:  March 10, 2021

Today’s blog is sponsored by our good friends over at Interior Lifestyles — enjoy these tips on how to improve the curb appeal of your home!

What Is Curb Appeal?

The old saying is that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

This is also true when it comes to your home. You always smile when you receive a compliment. When you receive that compliment on how your home looks, a pride of ownership also comes to light.

Curb Appeal is all about how attractive your home appearance is. It is how your property looks from across the street. It is a car slowing down and the driver taking a second glance at all the efforts you have made.

This is that Pride of Ownership.

More often than not it is the little things that make the most difference in the outside appearance of your home.

Creating an eye­-catching focal point to draw your friends, your family and your colleagues into your home.

Let the eyes of your guests take them from the exterior of your home to the welcoming Interior.

This is that smile we are talking about.

Come closer and check out this list of ideas that will enhance your home’s curb appeal. Let’s make that first impression a lasting one!


Landscaping Makes The First Impression 

You may have an architecturally beautiful home but the landscaping is what really raises the bar. It truly takes it to another level.

Look at it this way. Landscaping is the supporting cast to the main attraction.

You want your home to stand out from others. You want the visual charm. You want the quiet compliments when people see your property as they drive through the neighbourhood.

It is not as difficult as you may think. Let us show you how.

Maintenance has been described as labour. But in home ownership it is a labour of love.

A few hours spent mowing the lawn, edging, and ripping out weeds could make all the difference in the world on how your home is perceived.

Trim and cut down any brown/yellow/dead, unhealthy, and overgrown trees, shrubs, and bushes.

If you do not have a big budget, mulch is your best friend. A well-kept garden is a great way to make that first impression!

You can also add lots of colours and natural fragrance by adding beautiful flowering plants. Plants and flowers that bloom at different times throughout the year. Always something new and different to catch a curious eye.

Some of my personal favourites are Lavender, which can repel fleas, flies, and mosquitoes. It also has a pleasant, calming fragrance. Also peonies and hydrangea for their large, beautiful blooms – to name a few.

Chat with your local garden centre to see what the best options are for your budget and planting needs.

You can also add flower boxes, window boxes, urns and interesting planters. They can add charm and architectural interest to your home.



Pressure wash everything (windows, siding, the exterior of the home no matter what the finish, fences, driveway, stairs, deck, tile flooring).

It can be so satisfying to see all the dirt and grime disappearing, leaving everything sparkling clean. Pressure washing and painting are your two best friends.


Driveways, Walkways & Stairways  

The driveway, walkway and stairway are the yellow brick road to the interior of your home.

The driveway is the first part of a home people interact with. It speaks volumes about how the owners care for their home. A raked gravel driveway has more curb appeal than an asphalt, concrete, or stone driveway lined with weeds. Clean out your driveway and power wash it if necessary. Give it a new life!

A raw edge around your lawn may make any driveway, pathway or walkway in your yard feel unfinished. Think about adding wood, concrete, stone or brick borders around the edges. 

Raise that bar… will never regret it.


Address & Numbers

It is all in the numbers. This is how your guests will even begin to interact with your home. There will always need to be an address. Use your creativity!


Front Doors & Entrances Say Welcome To Your Guests

The front door is symbolic of homeowners welcoming their guests. It also acts as the focal point of the house and adds greatly to the curb appeal of your home. Get creative with your front door! As the saying goes:  “Welcome, may all who enter as guests, leave as friends”.

Make your front door more welcoming for guests by painting it a fresh new colour and making it the eye-catching feature of your home. An attractive front door can not only make a statement about the home, but it is also the focal point of the face of the house. Choose a colour that isn’t similar to the houses around you and complements your home’s siding, brick or stone.

Paint is going to be your new best friend.

A fresh coat of paint is the quickest and simplest face-lift you can give your home. You can use paint to refresh exterior doors & hardware (such as the mailbox, house numbers, light fixtures, flower boxes, etc.). Keep in mind, paint is not always the answer, especially when all your details are out-dated — sometimes you are better to install new ones to bring your home up to date inexpensively.


Add A Welcoming Wreath

Get creative when it comes to your door décor. Decorate for every season.

Add colours, textures, ribbons & unusual objects. It is all about dressing the door for every season!


Front Entrance Mat

Check out your doormat. Is it tired looking, dirty, faded and outdated? Splurge on a welcoming doormat since this is not going to break the bank. Get creative and do not forget to coordinate with the seasons. Hello spring, summer, fall and winter — We Are Home!


Life’s Stories – An Inspiration For Our Porches 

What happens on the porch stays on the porch.

Come sit on the porch, where the drinks are cold and the friendships are free. The comfort of our porch creates the atmosphere where many stories can be told. The Porch is where I chat with my Nan. It is where I watch for the kids on Halloween. It is a mailbox for our delivery drivers. It is an important part of our day. Many activities will take place on our porch. Let’s cozy up with a hot cup of coffee or chill with a couple of martinis. The Porch is a place where books are read, games are played, bird watching is done, and daydreaming is a daily activity. A place where you can escape to the quietness of nature.

Porches are a popular home addition. Porches are an extension of the indoors with the addition of comfortable outdoor furniture, tables, bistros, dining tables and storage. The décor can be expressed with outdoor area rugs, toss cushions, draperies, placemats, table linens and the addition of accessories such as candle holders, planters, trays, and lanterns. Let your imagination be your boundary. Which means it is limitless.

It is all about the details in the Porch, where we can gather and meet. Get ready to decorate your porch just in time for summer!


Home Exterior – Roofs, Siding, Stone, Eaves

What do you need to consider when it comes to your exterior?

Does your exterior need a facelift in 2021? You might ask, where do I start? The obvious is to replace broken gutters, chipping paint, broken fixtures, rotting windows, aging shingles, degrading soffit & fascia, faded and aged siding, deteriorating brickwork, and so forth.

Your house exterior is more important than ever today since we are spending more and more time at home.

Today it is all about the balance between classic beauty with a modern update. This fusion of styles is known as transitional architecture, giving the home a modern design update.

Keep in mind style and beauty when selecting your finishes, but also the durability and protection of those materials.


What Are The 2021 Trends When It Comes To Your Exteriors?

  • Bright and Airy Interiors are in fashion; therefore you may want to add some windows to your exterior.
  • Whites are trending. Mix it with wood architectural accents to create that modern farmhouse look.
  • Garage doors with architectural details such as windows and updated paneling that complement and contrast.
  • The addition of larger entrance doors with large sidelights to bring the light indoors.
  • 2021 is the year of straight lines giving a more modern updated look overall.
  • If you do not like your brick, paint it. There is a paint for everything. What is old is new again.
  • Add some natural wood or composite accents to complement Farmhouse style to Modern. This could be columns, siding, front door, garage doors, fencing, porch floors, soffits & added architectural details.
  • Dark colours are on the upswing for our homes’ exteriors and interiors. Dark colours are dramatic and eye-catching. One of my favourites this year is Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze 7048.
  • High contrast exteriors such as Black & White are popular, and are being displayed in the modern farmhouse style.
  • You may also be looking at additions or extensions to your exteriors, as well as roof changes; I know I am.


Creating Lighting For Ambience 

It is important to change outdated hardware and light fixtures. Light it Up, Spice it Up. This will give your home a beautiful ambience. Think about landscape lighting along your driveway, walkways, paths and garden gate. This can make a great first impression while driving by at night.

Lighting is not only to create ambience but is also practical for your safety and security as a homeowner. For eco-friendly options (and wiring-free options), you can create beauty with solar-powered lighting.


“I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.” – Luis Barragan

Interior Lifestyles

Thank you to our friends over at Interior Lifestyles for providing these excellent tips and ideas on how to improve your home’s curb appeal.

If exterior upgrades such as windows, doors, siding, eaves, soffit & fascia, or masonry are on your Curb Appeal Home Improvement plan for 2021, give us a call at Weaver or request a free quote for your project on our website.

Curb appeal is what we do best!





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