Discover how brothers Garth & Jesse Dinan created a better exterior remodeling business


Prior to becoming successful entrepreneurs, brothers Jesse and Garth Dinan were both working in the construction industry.


For Jesse, his early working years were mostly spent in factories and he never considered a career in construction until he fell into a job with a Toronto-based masonry restoration company in the late ’90s. He learned the trade on-the-job. Starting out as the guy who pushed the wheelbarrow, Jesse eventually worked his way through all levels of masonry right up into management, sales, and operations.


Jesse’s younger brother Garth spent his teen years working various jobs until he landed a position with a window and siding installation company, where he found his calling in the craft of exterior remodeling. He started as an assistant and picked up skills along the way until he became an expert in all things exteriors including sales, design and implementation.

Owners And Brothers Garth And Jesse Dinan
Weaver Door Installation


In 2006, Jesse and Garth took a chance on the idea that two brothers with solid backgrounds in construction could build their own successful remodeling company. Weaver started out in Barrie, Ontario, as Accurate Aluminum Works (AAW). The company was made up of one idea, two skilled tradespeople, and a passion for running a professional exterior company with a key focus on customer experience.

Their modern, systematic business approach was something new to the construction industry in Barrie. Unsurprisingly, things quickly picked up for the Dinans, and soon they needed to hire additional staff. Over seventeen years later, now with an industry-leading home improvement team including office administration , a full-time Sales Team and specialized installation crews, Jesse and Garth have put down the tools and now spend their days operating their company, mentoring their employees, and updating their processes to ensure their customers consistently receive the best possible experience.


As their company grew, they outgrew the name Accurate Aluminum Works. They refined their skills and began to do more than work with aluminum. Jesse and Garth wanted a new name that accurately represents the integrity and values of the company they had built, something more than one that described products. When they learned about the weaver bird and its unsurpassed nest-building skills, they felt like birds of a feather.

Our Story - We Keep Our Promises


Our industry is unfortunately full of unsatisfied customers, but we won’t stand for that. We make every effort to make sure the lines of communication between our team members and our customers are clear and that everything is documented each step of the way. We will not let a single detail fall through the cracks. Key team members are always up to date on where each project sits and what the next step will be. Every one of our jobs flows through the same process, one that’s been tried, tested, and proven to be true. We promise.


The Home

To us, your home is so much more than an investment. It is your safe haven, your shelter, your family's livelihood. We value the love you have for your home, and we'll help you reflect that in your home's exterior.

The Team

Our team of skilled professionals share a passion for helping homeowners. We only accept members who demonstrate to us that they want to be part of a team known for reliability and commitment to a job well done. That’s our brand promise.

The Process

From the moment you first connect with our company, you’ll know we’re different from our competitors. Our streamlined processes allow us to conduct our traditional business using modern technology. No detail gets overlooked, and we always keep our word.

The Work

We listen to the individual needs of each of our customers and prepare a detailed quote for each project. By staying in close contact with the homeowner, our experienced tradespeople execute each and every job to perfection, on time and on budget.


Weaver has over two decades of experience and provides comprehensive installation services for windows, doors, and aluminum in the Barrie region, making it a convenient option for all project sizes.


Proudly serving Barrie, Innisfil, Bradford, Newmarket, Collingwood, King City, Aurora, Orillia, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Alliston, Midland, Parry Sound, Tottenham, Angus, Brampton, Orangeville, Stouffville, Markham, Richmond Hill, Keswick, Hunstville and surrounding areas.

Weaver Exterior Remodeling

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