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Slider windows can have one or two movable window sashes that slide horizontally on a track. Horizontal sliding windows provide a wider, more natural outdoor view than a single hung window, and they let in more natural light. Like all types of sliding windows, when well maintained they can be installed in harder-to-reach places because they are easy to operate with a gentle motion. At Weaver Exterior Remodeling, we offer a wide range of slider windows in different styles and materials to suit any home's design and budget. Our team of experts can help you select the perfect slider window to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

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Energy Efficient

Double sliding windows can update the look of your home while enhancing its energy efficiency and reducing your heating and cooling costs. With a wide selection of insulated glass options, keeping out the extreme cold in the winter won’t be a challenge. Weather stripping also works together with insulated glass to further prevent air leakage in the winter and summer, and also helps prevent moisture and humidity from entering your home.

Slider Windows | Weaver Exterior Remodeling Barrie Ontario
Slider Windows | Weaver Exterior Remodeling Barrie Ontario

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl windows are characteristically easier to maintain than older wooden frame windows. With the proper weather stripping, vinyl windows prevent moisture from entering your house at the seams, and because the frames are synthetic they won’t ever rot or deteriorate. At Weaver we also offer several vinyl colour variants that won’t fade or ever need to be repainted.

Match Your Decor

Horizontal sliding windows are a great natural light source to install when you have a wide swath of wall space to work with. We can custom fit vinyl windows to virtually any dimensions. We also offer a wide selection of colours, grilles and hardware to choose from, all in classic colours and textures that won’t go out of style. So whether you want a bolder accent or a softer accent, at Weaver we have whatever you need to match or enhance your home’s decor.

Slider Windows | Weaver Exterior Remodeling Barrie Ontario
Air Sealing Technology

Air Sealing Technology

Our vinyl slider windows are built with air sealing technology to reduce air infiltration and prevent water leakage. These insulated window frames help to maintain a constant indoor atmosphere and increase your comfort. Reducing uncontrolled air leakage will not only extend the longevity of the window, but also the house itself by helping to minimize the indoor accumulation of moisture.

Buy Wholesale with Weaver

Wholesale prices are available on custom windows. Give us a call or use our interactive quoting tool and a member of our sales team will be in touch to provide you with a quote.

Wholesale Windows From Weaver
Slider Windows | Weaver Exterior Remodeling Barrie Ontario

Lifetime Warranty on Windows

At Weaver we are proud to offer our customers a unique Lifetime Warranty on our products. For no extra charge, we cover all window components including hardware, window frames and sashes, insulated glass, and even accidental glass breakage. The Weaver Lifetime Warranty is how we go above and beyond to care for our customers.


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