Spring Window Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Updated:  May 13, 2023

Cleaning your windows every spring is a bit of a hassle. However, once done, your windows will sparkle inside and out. You’ll also be surprised how clean windows improve your views. Here we offer our best spring window cleaning tips & tricks for a streak-free shine that sparkles.

What’s The Best Way To Spring Clean Windows?

Best-Way-To-Spring-Clean-Windows-Spring-Window-Cleaning-Tips-And-TricksThe order you clean your windows makes a big difference. Follows these steps for the best results:

  • Clean outside first: Cleaning the outside windows first ensures you aren’t trying to scrub away the dirt you can’t reach. Your inside windows are always cleaner and won’t cause as much of a distraction when cleaning outside.
  • Dust: Dust and cobwebs on the windowsill, panes and frames will create a mess if they come into contact with your cleaning products. To make your job easier, use a dry duster or microfibre cloth to remove dust from all surfaces first, so you aren’t moving dirt around as you clean.
  • Spritz the panes: This job calls for a spray bottle regardless of what window cleaning product you use. Never dip a dirty cloth into a bucket of water to wash your windows. Instead, spritz the windowpane lightly. You don’t want to add too much cleaner, or else it takes too long to dry, and drips down onto the sill and wall below.
  • Wipe down the panes: Avoid paper towels when wiping down the panes. Paper towels contain tiny pieces of lint fibre that cling to windows and are difficult to remove. Instead, to avoid streaks choose either a microfibre cloth, chamois, or newspaper. You really don’t need a squeegee indoors as they are designed for full-length windows and are kind of messy.
  • Know when to squeegee: If you have sliding patio doors or full-length windows, you can opt for the squeegee over the cloth. Start at the top and work your way down, trying to do it all in one swipe if possible. This reduces the areas you must do over again to remove the streaks.
  • Re-clean the windowsills: Although you dusted the sills, they still need a final wash. Carefully wipe the remaining dirt away, avoiding touching the panes you just cleaned.
  • Last swipe: Stand back and admire your work. If you see streaks left behind, use a clean microfibre cloth to remove them.

What Is The Best Solution For Spring Window Cleaning?

What-Is-The-Best-Solution-For-Cleaning-Windows-Spring-Window-CleaningThere are dozens of all-purpose cleaners and window-specific products available. However, we tend to find the best products for spring cleaning windows are tried-and-true DIY vinegar cleaners. They outshine the rest (literally). Vinegar is perfect for chemical-free window cleaning as it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that are harmful to your family and pets. Commercial cleaning chemicals can also wear down vinyl window frames. Although vinegar can have a strong odour, it’s not half as bad as breathing in the chemicals found in household cleaners. You can create your own DIY window cleaner using:

  • 2 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup white or cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup isopropyl alcohol with at least 70% concentration

Just add it all to a clean spray bottle, give it a shake, and get spritzing.

Should Windows Be Cleaned On A Sunny Day Or A Cloudy Day?

Should-Windows-Be-Cleaned-On-A-Sunny-Or-A-Cloudy-DayIt’s always best to clean windows on a nice overcast, cloudy day without the threat of rain. Sun is far too bright, and heats up the glass. As a result, your window cleaning solution instantly evaporates, leaving behind streaks. Cloudy days are also easier on the eyes so that you can spot dirt marks without eye strain.

Do Cleaning Methods Differ For Cleaning Outside Windows Vs. Inside Windows?

Cleaning-Outside-Windows-Spring-Cleaning-WindowsYou should follow the same basic steps we outlined above when spring window cleaning inside and out. That important first step to removing dust and cobwebs makes it easier to clean the glass panes. However, outside windows often require a bit more elbow grease and, in some cases, a stronger cleaner to tackle things like bird poop. Follow these additional steps for outside windows:

  • For stubborn buildup, apply some baking soda to create a more abrasive cleanser.
  • Always tackle the stains first, and then follow through with your vinegar spritz. Otherwise, you’ll just keep moving the stain around, and it will take forever to get the window clean.
  • Remove the screens and put them aside to clean later (see below).
  • If you have a pressure cleaner, you can use it on your upstairs windows after you remove the screens. Spray the windows down and then follow through with an extendable squeegee.

How To Wash Window Screens

Cleaning-Outside-Vs-Inside-Windows-Washing-Window-ScreensWindow screens should also be cleaned. They are usually removed with little clips that you can grasp to loosen the screen. Never apply pressure to your screens; instead, give them a good soak. If they fit you can use your bathtub, or take them outside and gently rinse them with your garden hose. Never use a pressure cleaner, as you’ll blow the screen right out of the frame. Let them dry thoroughly before you put them back in place.

What’s The Best Way To Clean Window Frames And Hardware?

Best-Way-To-Clean-Window-Frames-And-HardwareThe best cleaner for vinyl window frames and hardware is a mix of mild soapy dishwashing liquid and warm water. Once you’re finished cleaning your windowpanes, follow these steps:

  • Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a spray bottle filled with warm water and shake it gently.
  • Spritz a microfiber cloth with the cleaning solution, never on the window frame or sill directly, to avoid damaging any wood window trim.
  • Wipe the frame, adding pressure to remove stubborn marks.
  • Rinse with a clean damp cloth.
  • Dry the frame with a clean, dry microfibre cloth if it still appears wet.

This final step will brighten up your frames, so they look crisp and clean. A light dusting now and then keeps them looking their best.

Spring-Cleaning-WindowsNo doubt, spring window cleaning is a chore. However, you’ll be happy with the end result, and it makes a huge difference, improving your views, letting in more natural light, and extending the life of your windows.

If your windows are looking a little worse for wear, or not functioning properly anymore, it could be time to replace them. The team at Weaver Exterior can provide a professional assessment to help you decide. Click here today for a free quote. 


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