Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Windows

Updated:  February 24, 2023

Although high-quality windows can last as long as 40 years, you want to make the most of your investment. If you’ve made the decision to install new windows, you want to take proper care of them to ensure they last as long as possible. Here we look at ways to extend the life of your windows through proper care and cleaning to optimize their function and appearance.

Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Windows — Choose An Experienced Window Replacement Company!

Window And Door Installer Job Posting Barrie Ontario - WeaverIt all starts with proper installation. Although there are many window companies in Barrie, you want an experienced window replacement company that knows what they’re doing. Windows require detailed work to avoid leaks and to ensure the integrity of the energy-efficient features are protected. Poorly installed  or cheap replacement windows can start to fail immediately, or slowly over the first few years of installation. A company offering a lifetime transferable warranty on material and labour ensures you can trust them to stand behind their work – incidentally, a company like Weaver. 😊” />

Avoid Sprinkler Spray On Windows

Ways-To-Extend-The-Life-Of-Your-Windows-Avoid-Sprinkler-Spray-On-WindowsOne tip on how to extend the life of your windows is to reduce exposure to moisture. If you’ve chosen wood window frames, avoiding direct spray from your sprinkler system can make a world of difference. Although your windows will be exposed to the natural weather elements, controlling moisture levels as much as possible can greatly increase the life span of your wood windows.

Caulk Noticeable Cracks

Caulk-Noticeable-Cracks-To-Extend-The-Life-Of-Your-Windows-Weaver-ExteriorCaulking is used to protect your home against water damage. Although your windows are new, you should keep an eye on the caulking to look for signs of cracks. Cracks will happen over time, leaving your windows vulnerable to leaks. Caulking can also peel or shrink. Leaks equal rot and damage, which can be avoided with fresh caulking.

This will help maintain a strong seal for waterproof windows year-round. For proper application, it is best to remove old caulking and reapply new caulking to prevent both water and air infiltration. Be sure to choose a compatible colour and the right type of caulking intended for windows. Wood frames require a special wood epoxy.

Maintain The Weatherstripping

Maintain-Weatherstripping-To-Extend-The-Life-Of-Your-WindowsAlong with the caulking, weatherstripping helps provide a nice tight seal for your windows. Weatherstripping is prone to wear thin over time and can also become dry and cracked. When this happens, it can break when you open and close your windows. Do an annual autumn check of your weatherstripping to look for signs of deterioration. Remove the old weatherstripping and add new stripping to help keep your home airtight throughout the winter.

Lubricate Window Hardware

Extend-The-Life-Of-Windows-By-Lubricating-Window-HardwareYour window hardware plays a significant role in proper window function, energy efficiency and security. In the spring, light lubrication of your window hardware will help protect the cranks, handles, and locks. Choose an invisible lubricant and follow the instructions to help keep your hardware operating smoothly.

Clean Your Windows Every Fall And Spring

Extend-The-Life-Of-Your-Windows-By-Cleaning-Them-Every-Fall-And-SpringAlthough the idea of cleaning windows isn’t very exciting, it can do a lot to help keep your windows in prime condition. Windows are very susceptible to mould and spore growth that is more harmful to you than to the windows themselves. They can be washed in the fall and spring when the weather is nice and sunny to keep your home healthy. Don’t just focus on the glass, but wash the entire window, including the frames, tracks, mullions, etc. Use mild, gentle soap in warm water with a soft, clean cloth. Never apply abrasive detergents or products with ammonia, as both will damage the frames.

Clear The Tracks

Keep-Window-Tracks-Clear-And-Clean-To-Extend-The-Life-Of-WindowsThe tracks of sliding windows can develop dirty, dusty, or moisture-laden build-up that can impact their life span. Therefore, when washing your windows, be sure to remove the dirt along the tracks. This ensures the grit and moisture won’t damage the tracks and window frames when you open and close the windows. Many windows are designed to pop out of the track to make it easier to clean the outside. This also provides the opportunity to get to the full width of the track.

Do Not Pressure Wash Windows

Do-Not-Pressure-Wash-Windows-To-Avoid-Damage-To-Window-StructureIt might seem like the easiest way to tackle dirty windows, but it is actually not recommended. Even when pressure washing your siding, you should avoid hitting your windows. The pressure can loosen the seals of the window, which will lead to issues with condensation between the windowpanes. Your new windows have inert gas between the triple or double panes to contain hot and cold air as part of their efficiency. Once you damage the seals, the inert gas can escape, so your windows are no longer energy efficient.

Replace Damaged Hardware ASAP

Replace-Damaged-Hardware-Asap-To-Extend-The-Life-Of-Your-WindowsWhen cranks or locks break, they impact how your window functions. So even if they are not completely broken but functioning poorly, you really need to replace the damaged hardware as soon as possible. Using broken hardware leads to further damage, so your windows age before their time. This impacts their function and energy efficiency.

Repaint Wood And Metal Frames

Repaint-Wood-And-Metal-Frames-Regularly-To-Avoid-Rot-And-MouldSome wood and metal frames will require a fresh coat of paint every three years or so to protect your windows against moisture. Newer aluminum frames are powder coated, so they should not require as much attention. However, if you notice peeling or rust on older wood and metal parts, this is a sign the integrity of the protective coating is damaged. Peeling and rust are always bad signs, as moisture leads to rot as well as increases the risk for mould and mildew growth inside your home. Vinyl windows are low maintenance and won’t require painting.

How To Protect And Care For Your Window Screens

Protect-And-Care-For-Window-Screens-To-Extend-The-Life-Of-Your-WindowsSince you don’t have to worry about bugs in the late fall and throughout the winter, you can increase the life of your screens by removing them at the end of the summer. You can give them a good cleaning and be sure they are completely dry before storing them in the basement, attic, or garage. This protects them against exposure to wind, rain, ice, and snow that can lead to rust, warping, and bending.

Be Careful When Operating Your Windows


Take your time when opening and closing your windows. This protects all the moving parts to avoid early wear and tear. Your windows will last longer if you do this with more care.

If you are looking for low-maintenance windows, vinyl is the best choice. Click here for a free quote from our team.


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