Latest Innovations In Windows And Doors

Updated:  July 1, 2023

It’s no secret that your windows and doors play an important role in your home. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house, but they also provide security, insulation, and ventilation, among other functions. Over the years, advances in materials, manufacturing, and energy efficiency have taken windows and doors to new heights, and that continues today. The latest innovations in windows and doors include newer materials, smart technology, and other features that homeowners are sure to love.

Thermochromic Glass Windows


Thermochromic windows are an innovation that combines the benefits of smart windows with world-class energy efficiency, requiring no electricity at all. This technology includes thermochromic filters inside double-pane windows with a low-E coating.

The windows boast tinting filter sensors that are triggered when the temperature rises from the heat of the sun, resulting in dimming to block heat and UV light. This gives an overall cooling effect inside your living space.

There’s no special wiring needed, and it can be used on either fixed or operable windows, skylights, and even doors. The more intense the sun gets, the darker the windows will become. And in the winter, thermochromic windows remain clear to allow as much light and heat into the house as possible.

Bird-Friendly Windows


Many homeowners are unaware that collisions with windows are the second leading cause of bird deaths in general. The first is attacks from cats, and while you may not be able to help with that, you can help prevent them from flying into your windows. One estimate claims that nearly a billion birds die every year in North America from hitting glass windows.

Because glass windows are transparent and reflective, birds can’t recognize them as barriers and often end up flying into them at full speed. Bird-friendly windows are a smart window technology consisting of a special pattern made of UV reflective coating that birds can see, which means they can avoid the window. The windows are still aesthetically pleasing and virtually transparent to human eyes, so we don’t even notice the difference.

Crankless Window Hardware


It’s no secret that opening and closing windows can be a chore, especially as the fixtures get older and tighten up. One advancement in window technologies is to have crankless windows where the top and bottom of the window sash are aligned perfectly to create an airtight seal every time you close it. You’ll also have a 90-degree opening for maximum ventilation and improved functionality, making them easy to use and saving your muscles in the process.

Retractable Bug Screens


Adding retractable bug screens to your window frames is a great way to let the warmer spring and summer air blow through your home without inviting every type of bug imaginable into the house. Not only do you get the protective benefits of a bug screen, but you’ll also get more natural light and better views of the outside. The screen can be tucked away out of sight when it’s not in use, which helps to keep it free from dirt and allergens.

Retractable Blackout Blinds


Retractable blackout blinds are one of those innovations in windows and doors that can help you improve your sleep, and take advantage of several other benefits as well. Windows that are equipped with Slide’ N’ Hide Technology can help black out your room when necessary and then retract into the window frame when not in use. It also helps make your windows more efficient and provides a more modern interior aesthetic.

The ability to control the amount of natural light that comes into the house can have a profound effect on many elements of your lifestyle. Most people seek out natural light, but it’s not always practical if you’re getting a glare on computer screens or televisions, or you need it to be a little darker than it is naturally.

Added Glass Elements


Adding glass elements to your exterior doors is a common trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. You can add glass components by including a glass insert, installing a storm door with glass panels, or finding some other creative way to make glass a part of your doors. Adding glass panels will increase the amount of natural light that comes into your entryway and make it more inviting for guests.

Fibreglass And Steel Doors


Fibreglass and steel front doors are more popular than ever for a variety of reasons. Not only are they stylish and durable, but they can be customized to match the look of your house. Steel doors are particularly durable and strong, helping improve the security of your house and making everyone inside feel safe. Be sure to get one that’s powder coated for added protection if you decide on a steel door for your house.

Fibreglass doors are also strong, but they are most well-known for being incredibly low maintenance, making your job as a homeowner that much easier.

Smart Door Features


You can’t talk about innovations in windows and doors without mentioning smart features. The days of using a standard key to get in and out of your house are almost gone, as more and more homeowners opt for smart door features. There’s no question that as technology continues to improve, the smart features of doors will also improve, but for now, you can get smart doors that include appealing features such as:

  • Automatically locking when you leave the house and unlocking when you come back
  • Sending you an alert if someone is trying to break into your house
  • Notifying you that someone is at your front door, even when you’re not home
  • Integrating itself with other smart home devices for the most seamless experience possible

Updating your windows and doors is always an exciting time for homeowners. And when you tap into the latest window and door innovations, it makes the process even more satisfying. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help with your window and door needs, get a free quote today!



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