Warning Signs Your Doors May Need To Be Replaced

Updated:  November 30, 2021

Your home’s exterior doors provide a warm welcome to guests, maintain your home’s energy and comfort levels while also keeping intruders away. It can be easy to overlook the importance of your front door, and miss the signs it might not be serving its purpose as well as it used to. Here we offer warning signs your door is no longer providing the energy efficiency, security, and curb appeal it should, so you know it’s time for a replacement.

Difficulty Opening And Closing The Door

Difficulty-Opening-And-Closing-The-Door-May-Need-Door-Replacement-Weaver-ExteriorNothing is more annoying than having a door that just won’t open and close smoothly. If you find you are constantly having to force your door opened or closed, it is a sign it has an alignment issue. This can be caused by the door dragging along the floor because it is pressing up too closely to the door jamb. As doors age, they shift after years of exposure to constantly changing temperatures.

Your house settling can also contribute to issues with proper door alignment. Doors expand and contract which can cause warping, while constant dampness can lead to rotting door frames and structures. When your door isn’t operating properly it interferes with proper locking which poses a security issue. It can also leave gaps that allow conditioned air to escape, making your home too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter.

If your door seems fine, but it isn’t opening and closing smoothly, it may just need repairs to the door frame and jamb. However, if the door itself has warped, it is time for a door replacement. Sliding doors should slide smoothly as well. If not, a replacement might be in order.

Noisy Doors

Noisy-Or-Squeaky-Doors-Weaver-Exterior-RemodelingOlder doors can make all kinds of noises from creaks to squeaks. While it can be a good way to keep an eye on teens sneaking in late, for most homeowners this is nothing but an ongoing annoyance. Worn hinges are a sign your door is old and deteriorating, which could mean it’s time for a replacement.


Drafty-Door-May-Mean-Replacement-Door-Weaver-BarrieDoors should seal properly to ensure the air in your home doesn’t escape, and that the air outside doesn’t get in. This is important as both issues cause energy wastage when trying to heat and cool your home. Over time door seals shrink and crack, interfering with their efficiency. This in turn causes drafts that interfere with your home’s heating efficiency. If you can feel noticeable drafts coming from your door, your door’s insulation could be failing. Check your utility bills to see if you are paying more each month. A new Energy Star door will provide proper insulation to keep out drafts and improve energy efficiency.

Light Shining In

Light-Coming-In-Around-Door-Means-Time-For-Door-ReplacementIf you notice light is sneaking in through the gaps around your door, clearly your door seals are failing. The amount of light coming in provides a pretty good indication of how much air is sneaking in along with it. Light is a sign you are wasting energy due to leaks and poor insulation. You’ll also probably find the area around the door feels colder, such as the entryway or sliding doors going out to the garden in the winter due to the gaps.

Noticeable Wear

Noticeable-Wear-May-Mean-Door-Replacement-Weaver-ExteriorFrom peeling paint to cracks, and from rust to corrosion, if your door is showing signs of wear, it is time for a replacement. Not only does this look bad, but it also means your door is likely suffering from structural weakness. This makes it easier for someone to kick the door in and gain entry fast. Burglaries can occur in a second, and burglars look for homes that seem vulnerable. If your door looks like it’s not secure, chances are it’s not.

Actual Damage

Damage-That-Makes-A-Door-Unusable-Means-Time-For-Door-ReplacementSome people live for years with a damaged door that isn’t even functioning. If you are using a back door, patio or garden doors, or the garage as your main point of entry due to a severely damaged front door, you are putting your family at risk.

Not only can this make it easier for intruders to get into the home, but it can also make it very dangerous if you have to leave your home quickly due to the threat of fire or a carbon monoxide leak. It could be a damaged door jamb, broken locks, or loose or broken windows that keep you from using the door. Regardless of the damage, a replacement is in order as soon as possible to keep your family safe and your home secure.


Time-For-Door-Replacement-If-Pest-Damage-Weaver-ExteriorGaps in your door can allow pests of all shapes and sizes to get in. From ant trails to spiders, and wasps to mice, the bigger the gaps and the more damage to the door, the larger the pests who will find their way in! Also, pests can cause real damage to wood doors and door jambs. Ants and termites for example can eat away at the structural integrity. Wasps can actually get into the insulation inside the door and make a nest if there is an opening allowing them to do so.

Broken Door Lites

Damaged-Door-Lites-May-Signal-Door-ReplacementIf your door has door “lites” these window inserts play a major role in home energy efficiency. Even slight damage to your window inserts can ruin the integrity of their insulating effects. If your door lites are damaged, you can often just have them replaced. However, if the entire door is old, you can be pretty sure the door insulation itself is also failing.

Out Of Style Design

Replace-Your-Door-If-Its-Out-Of-Style-Weaver-ExteriorEven if your door’s structure and insulation properties seem fine, if your door is out of style, it can affect your home’s curb appeal and value. A new replacement door is an affordable way to upgrade your home exterior and provide an instant improvement to curb appeal. Front doors make a huge impact. You can choose a new design to add contrast with bold new colour, or to provide a more cohesive look using a colour that blends in with your home’s exterior. You can replace your current double door system with a larger single door with windows on the side, a growing trend in home exterior designs.

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