The Advantage Of Choosing A Window Company With Masons In-House

Updated:  December 7, 2021

Why choose a window company with masons in-house? If your home has windows in brick masonry walls, it takes a special set of skills to manage window installation. If your window installer lacks experience in masonry, they will call in a mason to complete this part of the job. This is very important because when masonry is involved, if the work is not completed properly it can lead to failure of either the wall, the windows or both.

The manufacturers’ warranty would also be voided because proper installation processes were not used. Here we discuss the advantages of choosing a window company with masons in-house and why proper installation is required to maintain the integrity of your walls and windows.

What Is A Mason?

Benefits-Of-Window-Company-With-Masons-In-House-What-Is-A-MasonMasons specialize in the building and repairing of brick, block, stone, and concrete structures and facings. They contribute to the construction of homes whether it is laying concrete foundations, building brick chimneys, or creating decorative exterior facings using brick, stone, or forms of concrete materials.

They also contribute to hardscaping projects, working with stonework such as laying patio stones, or building structures such as retaining walls. Masons also provide repairs and exterior upgrades such as:

  • Parging: Masons seal small cracks in your foundation or help prevent cracks from worsening over time. Parging applies a mortar coating to either poured or block foundation concrete that is visible above ground.
  • Mortar Joint Restoration: Mortar is the cement used between bricks and stones to hold them in place. Over time the mortar joints can deteriorate and require repairs to protect your home from leaks. Masons ensure the work is done properly, while also maintaining a uniform look to your existing brickwork.
  • Exterior Facades: A wide range of brick and stone products are available for façade upgrades to suit any home style.

As you can see, masons are highly skilled and perform specific services that can’t be performed by regular window installers.

When Is A Mason Required For Window Installation?

When-Is-A-Mason-Required-For-Window-Installation-Weaver-ExteriorThere are many scenarios where a mason’s skills are required for window installation. However, two of the main circumstances would be a new window opening with a concrete or brick wall, or a basement egress window installation where a larger opening is required. For the first scenario, the process of cutting the concrete or brick wall, and then ensuring the concrete and brick are repaired and sealed properly requires a mason’s knowledge and experience.

This is because window placements in new openings require knowledge of how the load of the wall changes and is transferred to the window. For existing window replacement, all of these details have been considered and accounted for during the design of the home. However, for new windows where a wall is knocked out, the change affects the structural integrity of the wall and the entire side of the house where the window will be installed.

The second example is either the installation or replacement of an egress window in the basement. The concrete foundation of the home will need to be knocked out to meet building and fire code requirements for the proper size egress window. Again, because there is a transference of the load, a mason must be involved to ensure the load-bearing considerations are accounted for, and that the mason work and repairs are made properly to avoid serious leaks and even basement flooding.

Why Is Structure So Important For New Openings?

Why-Is-Structure-So-Important-In-Window-InstallationWhen a new opening is made on an exterior wall, the installers have to ensure the wall can still support the load of the structure. In almost every case, a new window requires a proper lintel – a special beam used for support in door and window openings. The steel beam or reinforced concrete is designed to take on the weight of the wall above. If this step is not taken, and the window is installed in the opening, the wall above can collapse. Also, the weight of the wall can place too much force on the window which isn’t designed to take on the weight. The lintel provides the necessary strength the wall needs to support the weight and protect the window and wall below.

Dismantling Brick

Dismantling-Brick-Properly-Done-By-Masons-In-House-Weaver-ExteriorAnother step in the process of a new opening is the need to dismantle the outer brick wall. Masons will conduct this step with the utmost care, to protect the remaining brick on the exterior, while also preserving the bricks they remove. By doing so they save money on the project as they can reuse the bricks removed. The masons also make repairs and finish the wall for a consistent look.

As you can see, structure aside, masons also play a key role in the appearance of the window installation. When the surrounding brickwork and masonry such as decorative concrete ledges are affected by the window installation, masons have the skills to repair and retain a consistent look for your exterior walls. This process is not just aesthetic but also ensures a proper seal to protect your home from leaks.

A Window Company With Masons In-House Will Ensure Watertight Seals

Window-Company-With-Masons-In-House-Ensure-Proper-Sealing-Of-New-WindowsProper installation is required for any window. If windows are not installed based on the local building code and the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, the window is at risk for leaks. As well, as mentioned above, in the case of new openings the window can also be severely damaged from the weight of the wall above.

Masons are highly skilled and understand the bricklaying process. As a result, they can provide the specific services required to ensure that any brick or plasterwork is handled properly so your home is water-tight and that all brickwork remains uniform. When you choose to work with a window company with masons in-house, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of hiring two different contractors to produce seamless window and masonry transitions. Instead, you have one contractor providing expertise in both, saving you money and guaranteeing better results. You maintain the integrity and beauty of your home, increasing your return on investment.

Weaver Exterior Remodeling is an award-winning window company with masons in-house. To get a quote on window installation and masonry work, click here.



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