How To Buy Siding For Your Home

Updated:  November 23, 2021

Siding is an important feature of any home. Not only does it have to look good, but it also has to contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. Because siding comes in so many types and styles it can be confusing trying to decide what type is right for your siding replacement. Here we offer a basic guide on how to buy siding for your home.

How To Buy Siding For Your Home

Energy Efficiency

Energy-Efficiency-How-To-Buy-Siding-WeaverAlthough you might be focused on the aesthetics of your siding as the most important consideration, we can’t stress enough how important energy efficiency is when buying siding for your home. You really do want to make sure the siding you find the most attractive is also the most energy efficient. The good news is that new aluminum or vinyl siding is extremely energy efficient, saving you tons of money on heating and cooling.

As a result, you can consider additional exterior upgrades that work together with your siding for added curb appeal. Better yet, this type of siding comes in a wide variety of styles and colours so you can easily come up with a look you’ll love. Foam-backed vinyl siding is engineered for extreme subzero temperatures like we often experience in Ontario. As well, both vinyl and aluminum siding keep the humidity out in the heat of the summer. It is installed using tiny venting holes allowing air circulation to prevent mold and mildew.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl-Siding-Is-Low-Maintenance-Weaver-ExteriorNothing is worse than worrying about maintenance year after year for your siding. Vinyl and aluminum siding are maintenance-free yet provide the same look as their very high maintenance counterpart, wood. An occasional rinse with your garden hose is enough to keep your vinyl or aluminum siding looking great. Despite their vibrant colour, they won’t peel, chip, or fade even when exposed to the sun. They are ideal for Ontario weather which fluctuates between below zero through the winter and soaring temperatures above 30 in the sweltering humid summer.


Warranty-On-Siding-Installation-Weaver-ExteriorYou want to choose a product with a strong warranty as this indicates the manufacturer stands behind their product. However, the warranty should extend to installation. That’s why we offer a 10-year labour warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. If you ever need to replace anything in the first 10 years following the installation, we can do so at no additional charge.

The Right Colours & Style

How-To-Buy-Siding-In-The-Right-Colours-And-StyleNo doubt you want siding that complements your home. Finding the right colours and finishes is easier than ever with high-quality vinyl and aluminum siding. New technology provides a wide range of colours and textures to create truly unique looks for your home. As well, weather resistance has allowed for deep, rich colours not available before. Modern designs are vibrant, elegant, and beautiful.

When combined with the right finish and texture your home gets an entirely new look. From classic burgundies to modern dark greys, and from east coast blues to nature-inspired greens and browns, you’ll maintain pure colours without ever worrying about the need to repaint. Better yet you can complete the look by coordinating your new siding with new eavestroughs, windows, and front door.

Installation & Format

Siding-Installation-And-Format-How-To-Buy-SidingAlong with colour, texture and style, you’ll also find exciting formats and installation choices to enhance the look of your siding. For example, lap siding panels run horizontally across your house, while board and batten siding runs vertically. The former option is contemporary and more common, while the latter consists of wide vertical panels spaced out evenly, with narrower battens covering the gaps between them for a more historic, rustic look. Because board and batten are making a comeback, it can also give your home a more modern look as it is becoming more popular again.

When combined with a darker, modern colour, both choices offer a complete makeover for your home exterior. One other option is the shingle-style siding designed to mimic the look of classic cedar shingles. Keep in mind you also have the option to mix and match installation and format along with colours and styles to create more interest, contrast, and texture. Our team at Weaver can help you come up with a unique look all your own, without making your house stand out like a sore thumb in your neighbourhood.

Vinyl Or Aluminum?

Vinyl-Or-Aluminum-Siding-How-To-Buy-Siding-Weaver-ExteriorIf you are narrowing things down to vinyl and aluminum siding, vinyl siding is more durable. It doesn’t scratch or dent and can also hold its colour better. It is more durable because it can absorb impact better than aluminum from things like hail, falling branches or the odd hockey puck! This is the best option if you want a highly durable, attractive, energy-efficient choice that will also increase your home’s value.

Cultured Stone

Cultured-Stone-How-To-Buy-SidingWhile not considered siding exactly, we thought we should mention cultured stone as an option. So what exactly is cultured stone? It is an exciting new product making an appearance on more and more homes throughout Ontario. It is a manufactured faux stone made of moulded cement. The look is surprisingly authentic and offers an affordable way to have a stone look for your home.

While it is often used for accents, it can also be used for the entire exterior of your home. You can complement just about any architectural styles, choosing between either a stacked brick look or a more rustic stone look. It works wonderfully as a façade for garages, as well as at the base of your home along with new siding. It is cost-effective, makes an amazing first impression and adds a sense of charm to any home’s exterior.


Consider-Budget-How-To-Buy-SidingLast but never least, you have to consider your budget. While in most cases you need to consider the cash you have available to invest upfront, you also want to consider ROI. This includes energy efficiency savings over the time you live in the home, durability, maintenance, warranty, and increased home value.

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