How To Spruce Up Your Home Exterior For The Holidays

Updated:  December 5, 2023

Many homeowners plan interior renovations around the holidays, hoping to create the ideal setting for entertaining. However, when you think about it, it makes just as much sense to focus on exterior upgrades that not just friends and family can enjoy but the entire neighbourhood! Here, we share tips on how to spruce up your home exterior for the holidays, decking those walls, windows, and doors to create an impressive new façade. 

Add More Impact And Colour With New Siding


Use siding to completely transform your home with a more hospitable colour palette. Vinyl siding comes in an array of stunning colours to set the tone for welcoming holiday guests and creating visual appeal for the neighbours. Some classic colour ideas include Cabot or Colony Red, Ivy or Evergreen, and Azure or Cabot Blue. You can also create a modern farmhouse look with Linen White siding and upgrading your soffits, fascia, and trim to black, or go for more neutral tones in beige, gray and brown.

All these colours inspire a warm and fuzzy feeling that evokes memories of holidays past. Imagine the impact when your holiday lights are ablaze and snow is on the ground. And, of course, your new siding will be equally enchanting all year round.

Tip: Installing new siding is an opportunity to ramp up your insulation. Keep your home toasty warm and make time spent around the tree visiting with family and friends comfortable, even when the weather outside is frightful. 

Create Character With New Windows


New window designs make it easy to add more character to your home with a variety of custom colours, grilles, and glass options. You can create a truly unique look to complement the brick or siding of your home, or do a completely new façade makeover with a striking customized palette for your windows, masonry, siding, eavestrough, soffits, fascia, and front door. Deep evergreen, modern black, and historic burgundy or blue are just a few examples of the colour options for vinyl windows.

Where you can really create more character is with a new grille configuration, whether classic colonial, farmhouse prairie, or modern short fractional. Grille colours add to the customized look of new windows, along with specialty glass ideal for windows above open stairwells or in bathrooms. Another option is a lovely picture or bay window at the front of the house, creating the perfect place for your holiday tree and taking in the views of the winter wonderland. Let it snow!

Tip: Whole home window replacement is essential for improving energy efficiency so your home is warm and comfortable when entertaining. Be sure to take advantage of the Canada Greener Homes Grant and receive up to $250 per window. 

How To Spruce Up Your Home Exterior For The Holidays – Add Texture With Cultured Stone


Although masonry work might sound like a drastic, expensive investment, cultured stone offers an affordable alternative to natural stone. Cultured stone is a cement, lightweight faux stone that captures that popular rustic look ideal for any home style. Because it is lightweight, it is easier to install, saving money on labour. And it comes in various colours and styles, allowing you to create a traditional or modern look while also improving energy efficiency.

Tip: You can redo the entire façade of your home or focus on specific areas to add interest and texture. For example, you might make over your garage, create a distinctive base along the bottom of your house, or frame your windows and front door.

Make Your Home Look Cozy With Updated Brickwork


Brickwork is another way to change the look of your home. Brick is available in a variety of colours and textures, ranging from dark to light. You can use brick to replace existing brick or siding, or create a combination using a selection of siding, brick, and cultured stone accents. Whether you want to create a charming cottage feel, a traditional red brick façade, or a more modern look, masonry is energy efficient and transformational, creating a unique customized look with major curb and holiday appeal.

Tip: A brick chimney inspection and repair ensures it’s safe to roast chestnuts over an open fire and for St. Nick to come down through the chimney. 

Create A Warm Holiday Welcome With A New Front Door


Installing a new front door creates a warm welcome while providing the perfect place to hang your holiday wreath. You gain energy efficiency and improve your home’s security, which is extremely important during the holiday season when you are out and about more often. A new front door adds a focal point to your home, allowing you to express your sense of style with completely customizable features. Your new entry door includes your choice of the following:

  • Colour: Choose from over 30 custom colours that won’t fade over time or ever need to be repainted.
  • Material: Both fibreglass and steel doors are ENERGY STAR certified while providing a clean and long-lasting finish for years of durability and beauty.
  • Lites: Window inserts are the easiest way to customize your entry with endless possibilities and combinations of glass and grilles.
  • Caming: Your door lites are customized with your choice of caming finishes, including brass, satin nickel, black chrome, and patina. You can also choose a higher-end look with customized wrought iron.
  • Glass: Glass finishes include a variety of over two dozen designs based on texture and privacy to suit your needs.
  • Executive Panels: Also known as side lites, these window panels can flank either or both sides of your door for an elegant entry. They can be designed to match your window lites or are the perfect companion for solid paneled doors, bringing in light while maintaining security and privacy.

Tip: This is your chance to improve security with a new handset using deadbolt and smart lock technology. 

Replace Your Soffits And Fascia For Distinct Accents


Your soffits and fascia play a critical functional role in protecting your home against the elements. Soffits allow for air circulation and ventilation in the area under your roof, while fascia holds up your eavestrough and soffits, providing structural integrity to support the weight of water and snow in your gutters. You can use them as a striking accent with a contrasting colour, or to create more harmony with a colour that matches the most prominent tones of your home. With 34 colour options, the possibilities are endless.

Tip: Consider adding new eavestroughs or gutter guards to protect your home from water damage and make home maintenance easier.

The holidays offer the perfect opportunity to make spirits bright with a new exterior that welcomes family and friends to your home year after year. Reach out to our team or click here for more information about a home exterior spruce-up and arrange a free quote.


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