How To Maximize Natural Light In Your Home

Updated:  February 3, 2024

Nothing creates a more inviting space in your home than natural light. Natural light is easier on the eyes, boosts mood, and reduces energy use. However, not all homes were designed with natural light in mind. Here we offer tips to learn how to maximize natural light in your home while also taking advantage of pleasing views. 

Install A Few More Windows


If your house lacks windows, installing more windows is the best way to get natural light into your home. This is a more affordable solution than you might think, with many different window options available. You can also place windows strategically to also enhance your home’s curb appeal.

For example, you might have a tall outer wall above your entry door. Installing a customized window shape in this prominent position allows you to increase natural light while creating an interesting architectural detail.

Another example would be taking advantage of a smaller window at the front of the home. Flanking it with casement or customized window shapes can lighten dark rooms while drawing more attention to your home’s façade.  

Install Sliding Glass Doors To The Garden


If your home’s access to the garden is a simple steel or wood door, you can install sliding glass doors to bring in more light. You’ll need enough wall space to allow for the double sliders. However, if you don’t have the space, you can replace your solid door with a pretty single garden door that has a full glass insert. You also gain better views of your garden and can keep an eye on the kids in the backyard. 

Expand Window Size


If wall space allows, you can open up existing windows and install larger ones. Because you are only contending with a window or two, you can affordably expand window openings to create a brighter, well-lit space. This can be doubly beneficial if you enjoy a lovely view as a result. 

Knock Out Some Walls


The open-concept home allows more natural light to stream in from the front all the way to the back of your house. This is especially effective in town and row houses that don’t have the benefit of windows on the side walls. Although this can be costly if you have to remove structural walls, it is a worthwhile investment.

Open concepts create better flow in your home, ideal for entertaining and keeping an eye on the kids while you cook. It also increases your home’s value when you sell. To add even more light, install larger windows or more windows on exterior walls to take full advantage of the open space. 

Add A Skylight


Skylights can be an excellent option to increase natural light in a home. They are especially impactful in foyers with open stairwells, as they can bring light into the entire main floor. However, they also work well in bathrooms where natural light streaming in from above is perfect for applying makeup or shaving without interfering with privacy. 

Rethink Your Window Treatments 


If you keep the curtains drawn in parts of your home due to excess sun exposure, a lack of privacy, or unpleasant views, rethink your window treatments. For example, solar shades are ideal for rooms with glare, while sheer shades let the light in while maintaining privacy. 

Choose The Right Window Glazing


If you don’t want to part with your window treatments but love the idea of keeping them wide open despite privacy or glare issues, glazed windows reduce glare in rooms with powerful sun exposure. You can keep your curtains open and enjoy the light as well as daytime privacy. Tinted glass controls the sun’s glare and reflects it outwards, reducing exterior visibility. You can choose between gray or bronze tinting to suit your taste. 

Take Advantage Of Colours


Colour plays a significant role in how light filters into your home. Some perfect colours that make the most of the natural light in a room include:

  • White: White is as neutral as it gets, allowing you to use other elements of colour, or just stick with a neutral palette. Either way, you’ll have a timeless space that optimizes light.
  • Purple: Ideal for bedrooms, purples are mood-boosting, whimsical, and often romantic.
  • Blue: Blues can be used in any room, creating a soothing sense of calm while also feeling welcoming and bright.
  • Green: Green tones are very natural, reflecting off the green views outside your windows.
  • Beige: Beige doesn’t have to be boring and can create warmth in your space, especially when you choose creamier tones.
  • Yellow: Yellow is sunny and bright, enhancing natural light when used in lighter, buttery shades. 

Move Your Windows


If your windows are blocked by trees, structures, shade, etc. you can consider how light falls on your home and look for a better placement for your windows. While this isn’t practical in all situations, you can speak to an exterior renovation company to discuss your options. 

Maximize Natural Light In Your Home Using Mirrors


Positioning mirrors across from windows can help reflect daylight into darker rooms. Depending on placement and mirror size, you can strategically bounce light where you want it or even create the illusion that the mirror is a window. Mirrors are designer-friendly, allowing you to add a focal point to any room in the house, whether it is over a fireplace, on a large wall, above a sofa, etc.  

Install A New Entry Door


A new entry door with a large window will allow natural light to stream into your foyer. You can also install side lights to an existing door to draw attention to your entry from the outside while bringing in more daylight to the interior. Entry doors come in a wide selection of door lite sizes, glass types and designs, allowing you to control the level of light and privacy desired. This is a smart investment that also improves energy efficiency, curb appeal, security, and home value. 

Importance Of Natural Light In Homes


There are many advantages to maximizing the natural light in your home, including:

  • Saving money with improved energy efficiency
  • Natural light is easier on the eyes, reducing eye strain
  • Mood improvement, reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Benefits to health, including increased vitamin D levels, reduced risk for seasonal affective disorder, reduced eye irritation, and better sleep
  • Increase in home value

Use these ideas to maximize natural light in your home, improving energy efficiency, and creating a more welcoming, healthy environment along with a general feeling of spaciousness.

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