Home Exterior Design Trends 2024

Updated:  February 3, 2024

If you’ve slated 2024 for your home exterior remodel, you might be curious about the design trends you’re likely to encounter in your research. Check out what’s popular in home exterior design trends 2024 to help you find a look you’ll love. 

Home Exterior Design Trends 2024

Throwback To “Brutalism”


It sounds threatening, and in some cases, brutalist homes can feel a little too dark and brooding. This is actually a style that appeared in the 1950s as part of the emerging desire to embrace a more utilitarian look. As a result, the brutalist home looks at simplifying lines and using design details with “functional” materials like cement, steel, and wood. Neutral colour palettes also reflect the brutalist design aesthetic. However, you can expect to see darker neutrals like slate and gray on siding and brick figure prominently in home exterior design trends for 2024. Brutalism also removes unnecessary design features like shutters, window boxes, gingerbread, etc., for homes free of frilly, fussy details. 

Cozier Modern Designs


This approach to a more organic modern aesthetic takes its cues from traditional, modern design infused with cozy touches that make homes feel more inviting. Including natural materials such as wood and stone or using more affordable faux options to get the look of natural materials are complemented by soft, earthy neutrals. Edges are also softer with the introduction of more curves or arches on porches or above entries. 

Blue Bonanza

Exterior-Home-Design-Trends-For-2024-Blue-Bonanza - A Blue House With White Trim And A Porch.

Blue is the ‘it’ colour for 2024 and will appear on prominent home exterior materials such as siding. Blues will vary from light to dark and will often lean more towards grayer tones. In fact, blue is so popular that 6 of the top 14 colours of the year for 2024 are various shades of blue, including leading paint brands Benjamin Moore (Blue Nova), and Sherwin Williams (Upward). 

Lower Maintenance And Weather Proofing


Homeowners are not just concerned with curb appeal when it comes to exterior remodels. For 2024 home design trends, it’s important to consider materials that will stand up to extreme weather, providing added protection to your home.

Homeowners also want low-maintenance materials, making vinyl an important consideration for siding, eavestroughs, soffits, fascia, and windows. Add-ons like gutter guards also help keep homes low maintenance which adds to their resale value.

 More Accent Colours


Although classic white and edgier modern black are popular choices for accents such as window frames, expect to see a wider variety of colour choices to help exterior accents pop. Colourful accents can be added to eavestroughs, window frames, soffits, and fascia, allowing you to experiment with contrast or create a sense of unity.

Focal points that draw attention to architectural details or help camouflage areas of your home can also be addressed using colour. Accents can be chosen to complement brick and siding, and become more interesting if you choose a colour that contrasts with the most prominent colours and tones of your façade. 

Fun Front Door Colours


Designers are encouraging homeowners to get more daring with their front door colour choices, with colours ranging from pinks to corals and unexpected retro greens to cheerful yellows and reds. This is an easy, affordable way to draw attention to your entry with a pop of colour that sets your home apart. 



Maximalism is kicking minimalist design to the curb as more homeowners want to add more personality and customization to their homes. As mentioned above, this is noticeable in trends that embrace more colour, whether on accents or front doors. It can also be seen in heftier, chunkier materials such as faux stone accents or façades. Everything is bigger, including installing massive, dramatic picture windows, larger entry doors, and experimenting with dramatic or fun colour choices on siding and brick. 



Not only will glass become more popular with larger window installations on home fronts, but it also will replace traditional aluminum and wood railings on front porches. Full-length glass front doors, larger side lites and the installation of transoms above entries will also help bring more glass materials to home exteriors.

Glass is all about maximizing natural light and bringing the calm green of a beautifully landscaped property into the home. The nicer the view of your neighbourhood, the more glass makes sense for your exterior remodel. Glass also instantly makes your interior feel more spacious while letting in more natural light. 

Eclectic Designs 


Homeowners and designers alike are less stuck in a design rut where everything has to appeal to one sense of aesthetics. Instead, eclectic design embracing different elements from a variety of design styles creates a more customized look to home exteriors. Whether you add a beachy touch to a mid-century modern, combine traditional brick with a more modern siding option, or add cultured stone to build on the arts and crafts look, mixing materials and design styles allows homeowners to express themselves in a more unique way.



This specific blend of styles combines Japanese and Scandinavian details that are both minimalistic and functional. Simple, clean lines and the use of natural elements create this unique, trending style with a preference for earth-tone colours. It also leverages details such as pergolas to add texture.

Colour blocking — mixing different claddings — allows you to draw attention to specific home elements, whether it is the entry, separating the upper and lower floors, or capturing the shape of the garage. Installations might be used to keep things neutral yet add subtle textural contrast, such as having siding installed horizontally on the main exterior walls and then vertically to highlight a window or dormer. 

Personal Experiences


Homeowners are using personal experiences such as travel, memories of a family home, or the desire to capture elements of their cultural backgrounds to create a unique look for their home. This can include multiple styles, each with its own meaning or story. While this can create an unsettled look to a home, when done right it creates a sense of unity with unique curb appeal that feels timeless.

These top home design trends in 2024 offer inspiration for your exterior remodel. Just remember, you want to lean into practical ideas that reduce maintenance, increase energy efficiency, and help protect your home, while embracing the exterior trends that will remain relevant well into the future.

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