Before Listing Your Home For Sale, Here Are The Home Exterior Upgrades With The Biggest ROI

Updated:  July 16, 2022

If you are planning to sell your home, you want to make a profit on your sale. While most homeowners worry about staging the interior of their homes, they often overlook the importance of curb appeal. A few simple changes like mowing the lawn and placing an urn full of colourful flowers on your front porch just won’t cut it when it comes to improving your return on investment. Here we explain the home exterior upgrades with the biggest ROI when you list your home based on the 2021 Cost vs Value Report.

What Is The Cost vs. Value Report?

Cost-Vs.-Value-Report-For-Home-Exterior-Upgrades-With-The-Biggest-RoiThe Remodeling Cost vs. Value report is a U.S. nationwide survey taken each year by Remodeling Magazine. The survey uses data from realtors® across the U.S. to estimate the return on investment at resale for common interior and exterior remodeling projects. Although it is an American survey, the numbers are still relevant to Canadian home sales to help determine the best ROI home improvements 2022. It is one of the best resources available to assist in making informed decisions on the right upgrade investments prior to selling.

Manufactured Stone/Cultured Stone Veneer

Manufactured-Or-Cultured-Stone-Veneer-Is-One-Of-The-Home-Exterior-Upgrades-With-The-Biggest-RoiOne of the home exterior upgrades with the biggest ROI, sitting second-highest on the list, is stone veneer accents. You’ve probably seen a lot of homes in your area sporting snazzy new stone accents. This trend is sweeping the suburbs, offering a very sophisticated yet rustic look on new builds and upgrades alike. These upgrades offer major curb appeal and can be added as simple accents, as opposed to having to reface your entire home.

What you might not realize is that what looks like natural stone is actually manufactured or “cultured” stone veneer. This is a major exterior material breakthrough as it is an affordable manufactured alternative to using real stone. Cultured stone is made by pouring coloured cement into a mould to get various looks. Because it is lighter weight, it can be used in ways natural stone cannot. As a result, it is easy to install and the varied looks allow you to create a rustic, contemporary, or sophisticated façade. Despite the very high-end look, it requires a surprisingly low investment with an impressive ROI of 92%.

Vinyl Window Replacement

Home-Exterior-Upgrades-With-The-Biggest-Roi-Vinyl-Window-ReplacementSitting in the #5 spot on the list of home exterior upgrades with the biggest ROI is vinyl window replacement. Replacement windows offer improved curb appeal in hand with major improvements to energy efficiency. Window technology includes climate-specialized glass options and new weather stripping to prevent heat loss and gain. As a result, your home maintains the ideal temperature throughout the year. Argon and Krypton non-toxic gases act as effective insulators between glass windowpanes. These gases move slowly between sealed windowpanes, reducing heat transfer. Add to this double-glazed glass panes for an extra layer of insulation, and you greatly improve your home’s heating and cooling efficiency.

Advancements in design add to the appeal of new windows with a wide range of colours and finishes. Your windows become a major design feature with upgraded colours, stylized grilles and even options for interior hardware. These high-end windows offer attention to detail for aesthetic appeal inside and out, while providing more natural light. Vinyl is also low maintenance, another appealing feature for buyers. The average ROI for vinyl window replacement is 69%.

Vinyl Siding Replacement

Vinyl-Siding-Home-Exterior-Upgrades-With-The-Biggest-Roi-Weaver-ExteriorAt #6 on the list of home exterior upgrades with the biggest ROI is vinyl siding replacement, offering an ROI of 68%. Vinyl siding is an easy way to completely transform the appearance of your home. New vinyl siding not only dramatically improves the appearance of your façade, but it also improves energy efficiency. Buyers love the idea of saving on their heating and cooling bills.

This exterior makeover will look so good you might change your mind about selling. It is the ideal, low-maintenance, high-impact upgrade perfect to stand up to the cold winters of Ontario, as well as the discerning eyes of picky buyers. New siding options come in a rainbow of colours and styles, making it easy to exceed buyer expectations. New takes on siding include deep tones in reds, greens, browns, and blues, and creating major contrast like the very popular look of linen with black accents.

A popular design feature for contemporary façades takes its cues from farmhouse board and batten siding. This siding is installed on the vertical, creating a unique look from the horizontal siding of the past several decades. Although it is a far more traditional look, it has fast become the siding of choice for new installs.

Steel Entry Door Replacement

Steel-Entry-Door-Replacement-Weaver-Exterior-RemodelingNo doubt a lovely new front door is the ultimate welcome for buyers looking for their dream home. Entry doors offer 65% ROI, with added curb appeal that creates a feeling of grandness. They are also very energy efficient, offering more security and reducing energy costs. The design choices are endless, making doors an excellent way to offer an appealing entry that speaks to a buyer’s need for safety and making a good first impression.

Steel entry doors are custom-built to your exact specifications. New doors keep out extreme heat and cold with steel that won’t bow and frames that won’t warp. Energy Star certified sliding glass and garden doors are another beautiful upgrade to reduce energy consumption for added savings for buyers.

Eavestroughs And Gutter Guards

Eavestroughs-And-Gutter-Guards-For-Biggest-Roi-In-Home-Exterior-UpgradesDuring a standard home inspection, rain gutters/eavestroughs and downspouts come under scrutiny. If your gutters and downspouts are not in good working condition it raises red flags for inspectors. Therefore, you should have your gutters inspected before you put your house on the market. If they are found to be in poor condition, you will have difficulty selling your home. New eavestroughs with gutter guards show pride of ownership so buyers know you take good care of your home. Additionally, gutter guards are another low-maintenance feature buyers will appreciate. This adds a different kind of value as it reduces the number of issues discovered during an inspection to sell your home faster.

For more information on the best home exterior upgrades with the biggest ROI before you sell, speak to our team or click here for a quote.



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