When To Replace Windows: 5 Signs To Look For

Updated:  February 14, 2020

You’ve had the same windows for quite some time now. Many good-quality windows can last decades, so you may have even forgotten or not even know when they were first installed!

The reality, however, is that all windows eventually need to be replaced. So how do you know when it is time to do so?

We have gathered the information you will need to help you make your decision about timing.

You’re Noticing Certain Signs Of Wear-And-Tear

If you have older windows, there will eventually come a time when you start seeing some wear-and-tear on them.

Sometimes it is possible to repair a window instead of replacing it. For example, you may notice minor visible damage that can be easily fixed by adding new weatherstripping or hardware. However, in many cases, replacing a damaged, warped or broken window sash or frame is a better alternative than attempting a repair. This is because smaller problems are sometimes a clue of something larger. For example, if your windows are fogging up all the time, it is likely they are beyond simple repairs and actually need replacement. (Read the section below to learn more about condensation and moisture.)

Similarly, if you see any rot or decay on your wooden windows or sills, chances are that the damage has seeped further inside the frames. While you may wish to take the DIY repair route, it is generally not advised because doing so can make the situation even more dire.

Image Of Window Condensation And Mould

Your Energy Bills Are Far Too High For Your Liking

Do you feel anxious every time you get an energy bill? Windows can be a significant source of energy loss in your home – up to 35%, which means higher energy costs for you.

If you feel a draft around certain windows or see light coming through gaps, these are signs that you may need to replace your windows.

It’s not all bad news, though. While replacement requires an upfront investment, installing energy efficient windows (specifically ones with ENERGY STAR® certification) can provide you significant savings on your heating and cooling bills for years to come.

Image Of Winter Window With Energy Star

You Want To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal And/Or Resale Value

Windows are one of the most prominent features of a home. If they look worn, drab or outdated, your house will too. Check your current windows to see if the colour is fading or frames are warping. You may also want to consider whether old screens or storm windows are negatively affecting your home’s overall curb appeal.

Replacing windows is a wonderful time to not only consider new colours, but different types of window styles. You may have casement windows in your kitchen, but perhaps you would prefer a picture or bay window that provides a wider array of light and larger scenic views. These features in your home may prove to be a huge selling point in the event of resale.

As an added bonus, replacing your windows with ones that are more energy efficient can also help increase resale value and your return on investment.

Image Of Home Exterior With Multiple Windows

You’re Seeing Condensation And Moisture Build-Up Between The Panes

Are your windows frequently foggy or “weepy”? Are your walls spattered with oil-looking spots? Do you and your family feel clammy or sticky, even when you’re sitting still? If so, you may have humidity and/or condensation issues.

Granted, a bit of condensation or fog is not much to worry about. The issue is with how frequently it happens. Pay attention to how often your windows react when warm indoor air meets with the cold surface of a glass window. The more frequently it occurs, the more likely it is you need new replacement windows.

Why? Excess moisture brought on by humidity and condensation can be detrimental to your wooden fixtures, walls and furniture. It can attract dust mites; stimulate fungi, mildew and mould growth.

Image Of Foggy Window

You Only Have Single-Pane Windows

Take a close look at your windows. Do they have one pane of glass, or more?

Generally, the more panes, the better. Here’s why: a single-pane window can only do so much to provide proper insulation. Especially in parts of Canada where the climate dramatically changes from season to season (and sometimes even within seasons!), one pane of glass is rarely enough to keep your home at a constant temperature.

As an added bonus, by adding panes (also called double-pane or triple-pane, or double-glazing or triple-glazing) to your window frame, you can also increase soundproofing within your home. Older windows with single panes do not provide much if any sound insulation, but additional panes can help absorb those everyday noises from the street.

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You Don’t Need To Decide On Your Own

Despite doing all your research, you are not expected to be an expert in windows. So, to help solidify your decision, consult a professional window installation company for advice. An expert can conduct all the tasks necessary to determine if your windows require replacement, or perhaps a simple repair.

In addition to consultation, Weaver Exterior Remodeling provides high quality vinyl windows for clients and specializes in installation to ensure optimal performance. Our long-standing reputation in Barrie for customer service excellence is just one reason we have been recognized as one of the region’s top window installation companies.

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