How Do Double And Triple Glazed Windows Work?

Updated:  October 23, 2019

Windows have certainly evolved since the days when only a single pane of glass separated the inside and outside of your home!

Today, the window industry manufactures double and triple glazed windows with features above and beyond what single panes ever did. But what are these types of windows, anyway? What makes them the standard of energy efficiency today and how do they work?

We explore all the answers in this blog.

Explaining Double And Triple Glazed Windows Technology

Put simply, the terms “double glazed” and “triple glazed” refer to the number of panes, or glass layers, that make up your window. In other words, double refers to two panes, while triple refers to three. (As a side note, people may also call these double glazing or double pane windows, or triple glazing or triple pane windows.)

Double-Triple-Glazed-Technology-Weaver-ExteriorEach pane of glass is separated by a spacer, which creates a “pocket” of space between the layers. Inert gas (often argon gas) exists in these pockets, allowing sunlight to pass through while also reducing and slowing the transfer of heat through the window. Meanwhile, an airtight seal prevents the gas from leaking out from between each layer, creating an extremely effective barrier.

The Benefits

With double and triple glazed windows, you experience benefits including:

  • Improved insulation/energy efficiency. Canadian weather can be extreme, so insulation is essential. Double and triple glazed windows have a low U-factor (also known as U-value), a rating given to a window based on how much heat loss it allows. The lower the U-Factor, the more energy-efficient the product is by keeping the desired air temperature inside and keeping unwanted temperatures outside.


  • A reduction in condensation. Nobody likes wet streaks running down the inside of their window panes. Condensation forms on surfaces cooler than the surrounding air. Double or triple glazing can greatly decrease the likelihood of condensation by allowing the inner glass of your windows to retain heat. Heat is kept inside your home, helping to stop the cold external temperature from interacting with internal warm air.
  • Less outside noise. One pane of glass can only do so much to muffle the sounds of busy roads, planes overhead, loud neighbours, and barking dogs. With insulated double and triple glazing, sound waves must now travel through multiple panes of glass, as well as a sealed air space. This dampens outside noises, providing the ideal amount of noise reduction for each room.

Double Or Triple Glazed Windows: Which One Is Better?

According to Natural Resources Canada, triple glazed windows are 50% more efficient than double glazed products. Indeed, having an additional pane of glass in your window further strengthens its performance.

However, there are many variables that may determine whether one is better than the other for your home. One consideration is that there may be parts of your home where triple glazed windows are more appropriate than double glazed. For example, you may have an extra-drafty room or a room that faces a noisy, busy street.

Regardless, a professional window consultant will be able to help you make an informed decision, providing you with options depending on your needs and budget.

We Can Help

Weaver Exterior Remodeling provides and installs energy-efficient double and triple glazed windows in a wide range of styles and sizes. Plus, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our windows, no questions asked and at no additional charge.

Thinking of replacing your windows? Try our free interactive quote tool or browse our online gallery of past work.

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