Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Weaver

Updated:  March 6, 2024

If you’re considering having a project quoted or performed by our team, you likely have questions for us. Here, we share frequently asked questions about working with Weaver to help you understand why we are the right choice for your job! 

What Is It Like Working With Weaver Exterior Remodeling?

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We use a proven Weaver Exterior Remodeling process for every exterior home renovation we perform to ensure nothing is missed. This is how we maintain our commitment to industry-best practices. Our motto is ‘Only The Best For Your Nest’, ensuring we treat your home like we do our own. Our process includes the following steps:

1. You Contact Us

You can reach out to us via telephone, email, or through our website and expect an immediate response on the next business day. We also try to answer most phone calls in person, so you don’t have to leave a message. We review your requirements and schedule a meeting to provide a quote onsite.

2. We Schedule An Appointment With You

We schedule an in-person meeting for you and one of our sales team members. In person so that we can visualize your project and your space in order to see and hear your remodeling needs and wishes. Once you have accepted the appointment date and time, you will receive two confirmation emails listing the details of the appointment, along with the company profile picture of your Weaver consultant, so you know who to expect on your appointment day.

3. We Visit You

We visit your home with samples of products and brochures so we can make recommendations after discussing your project. We take several photos and detailed notes so we can prepare a proposal for a solution to your needs.

4. We Provide A Proposal

We develop a plan for you and share our custom project proposal, outlining the steps, details, and associated costs, usually on the same day as your meeting! There is no cost or obligation for this proposal, as we are confident in our competitive pricing and industry-leading value.

5. You Ask Questions

After reviewing your proposal with your Weaver consultant, you may have questions. Your consultant can answer those questions for you and make changes to your proposal until it meets your expectations. We will provide detailed answers until we are certain we have satisfied your curiosity. You can also reach out to us at any time before, during, and after your project, with any questions you may have along the way.

6. We Schedule The Job

Once the project proposal and quote has been finalized and approved, our Production Team will schedule your job based on your availability, and review the project timelines with you to help manage expectations.

7. We Show Up

When the agreed-upon start date arrives, our team shows up already informed on the specifics and timeline of your remodel project. We work on schedule and each job is completed efficiently with as little disruption to your home as possible. Of course, cleanup is included and we aim to leave your home cleaner than when we started.

8. We Follow Up

A Weaver client is a Weaver client for life. After the completion of your project, we follow up to ensure you are still happy with our work and to answer any questions you might have. This is how we continually learn and improve. We stand behind our work with our Weaver Guarantee and are here to help with maintenance, answer questions, and offer advice on future projects.  

Planning An Exterior Renovation Can Be Daunting – How Does Weaver Work With Clients To Make The Process Smooth And Comfortable?

Working With Weaver

Our process ensures we never proceed without the confidence of our customers. From the moment you contact our team, we ensure you understand the process and make ourselves available to answer your questions. Our customers quickly learn we work with integrity when we arrive at their homes and take the time to review the project and answer their questions.

Our pricing is always transparent with a focus on your needs, as opposed to trying to upsell you on things that won’t add value to your home or suit your sense of style. We never use high-pressure sales tactics and we take your lead on the projects you wish to complete. Our comprehensive exterior remodeling services also make it easy to address your needs with just one contractor (as opposed to having to navigate multiple contracting companies for various pieces of your project), including:

Cost-effective solutions and flexible payment options make it easy for you to invest in projects and enjoy a stress-free remodeling experience.  

What Sets Weaver Apart From The Competition In The Home Exterior Remodeling Industry?


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Our owners, Jesse and Garth, have solid backgrounds in construction that taught them how to do things right. Their goal was to create a company of like-minded tradespeople who shared their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences with a focus on honesty, quality workmanship, and standing behind every project they complete.

As the company expanded, Jesse and Garth were able to turn in their tools, and now operate the business mentoring and training their employees with the same focus on quality workmanship and client satisfaction. They constantly look for ways to improve their processes to bring more value to their customers. A commitment to integrity also ensures Weaver provides:

  • Free, no-obligation proposals for your project
  • Fair pricing and financing options that offer value to each homeowner
  • Transparency to avoid miscommunication and hidden costs
  • Ongoing communication from the first point of contact until the final detail of the project is complete
  • Projects completed on time with minimal disruption to your home or schedule
  • Respectful teams who protect your property and believe in building long-lasting customer relationships
  • Responsive customer service, which means we are ready to answer questions, and remain accountable for every action we take
  • The highest quality materials following industry-best practices for installation
  • Some of the best warranties in the industry
  • A commitment to educating our customers to ensure they understand the remodeling process and can make informed decisions
  • Education on government programs and rebates that can help fund exterior renovation projects 

What Process Does Weaver Use When Quoting A Project?

Working With Weaver - Quoting Process

Our quoting process includes an in-person visit with a seasoned representative who takes the time to assess your home and review your project details. They consider possible issues that might increase the price, such as structural damage, water damage, pests, etc., to be as proactive and accurate in their pricing as possible.

They review the materials available with you to ensure you understand the cost involved based on your preferences, and then take pictures of your project space to review while putting your proposal together. Using current pricing for materials, they consider the labour hours, calculate quantities based on measurements taken at your home, and then put together a detailed quote and project proposal for your review. 

How Does Weaver Keep Projects On Schedule And Within Budget?


Our proposal process allows us to accurately calculate how long a project will take to complete. It also tells us how many tradespeople we will need to maintain efficient timelines, as well as the time involved to remove and install materials. We factor in the potential for unexpected issues that may arise such as weather delays, although this can be out of our control.

We also consider things like confirming the shipment and availability of materials. Although it is not always possible to avoid unforeseen delays, our expertise helps keep us as close to schedule as possible. These considerations also help us stick to your budget.

Do you have any questions we didn’t answer here? No worries. Just reach out to our team and we’re happy to help! Click here to contact us and we will get right back to you!


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