Exterior Home Design Trends For 2022

Updated:  April 19, 2022

Warmer weather often triggers thoughts of improving your property. This is the time when more homeowners begin considering exterior home improvement projects. Here we look at 2022 exterior home design trends to inspire your exterior upgrades.

Black And White Contrast

Black-And-White-Contrast-Exterior-Home-Design-Trends-For-2022Chances are you’ve seen at least one home in your neighbourhood already embracing this new exterior home design trend. White houses with black roofs, soffits and fascia, eavestroughs, windows, and doors are all the rage for 2022. This is a stark contrast yet creates a warm welcome. It has become so popular many homeowners are opting to paint their brick walls white. However, this can be a major undertaking that also greatly increases maintenance.

A better idea might be to look at white siding in warm linen. Board and batten is also growing in popularity for exterior design trends. It creates what is being deemed the “modern farmhouse look.” Not only is siding an instant upgrade, but it’s also low maintenance and a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Natural Materials For Texture

Natural-Materials-For-Texture-Home-Design-Trends-2022Natural materials including wood and stone add texture. Cedar siding has become a popular accent often paired with black brick or deep rich charcoal siding. Cultured stone makes adding a natural look a lot more affordable. It is a manufactured alternative to using real stone but is just as durable and attractive. It is also easier to install, adding to your savings. It can be used in more ways than natural stone as it is very lightweight. Consider combining cultured or natural stone with brick, siding, or wood to create a rustic, yet high-end look.

Dark, Rich Exteriors

Dark-Rich-Exteriors-2022-Home-Design-Trends-Weaver-ExteriorAlthough white is a major star in exterior home design trends for 2022, deep dark colours like charcoal, navy, avocado, and burgundy are making a major impact on added curb appeal. In this case, you can update your siding, or add accents with siding on brick homes. This is a very upscale look that is chic and sophisticated. You can go completely monochrome or use blocks of dark or light tones to add contrast.

Black Everything 

Black-Everything-For-2022-Home-Design-Trends-Weaver-BarrieWhite houses aren’t the only ones going for black accents. More and more people are swapping out their windows and accents for matte black finishes. This is very popular with windows, so don’t be surprised if your neighbours’ new windows go black instead of the everyday white. However, home exterior renovations don’t have to be extensive. Accents can easily be added to your home whether it is your eavestroughs, soffits and fascia, or smaller things like your lights, house numbers, door hardware, or mailbox.

Windowless Entry Doors

Windowless-Entry-Doors-2022-Home-Design-TrendsMany homeowners are discouraged by the lack of privacy and energy-efficiency thanks to their old doors with window “lites.” The newest trend in entry door replacements is the solid door. This is a very imposing, formal look that shows your home is secure, but also very stylish. Solid doors in wood grains as well as in matte finishes, especially black are in high demand for 2022. If you are worried about losing the light from your windows you can pair your solid door with sidelights to provide natural light while maintaining privacy and security.

More Windows

More-Windows-2022-Exterior-Home-Design-TrendsInteresting windows add drama and detail to home exteriors while also brightening your interior. Windows as an architectural feature can be added to enhance curb appeal and create dramatic entries, highlight features of the home, or add interest with customized shapes such as cathedral windows, octagons, or circles. Floor-to-ceiling windows create drama for a mid-century modern look, making it an appealing way to rethink your exterior walls.

A Return To Brick

A-Return-To-Brick-Home-Design-Trends-For-2022-Weaver-ExteriorPeople love brick and are finding ways to upgrade their exteriors with this classic look. Options for brick range in shades from light to dark, and textures ranging from traditional to contemporary. You can also vary the installation style to create a highly customized look. Brick paired with ultra-modern black accents is very posh and one of the more popular exterior design trends.

Board And Batten Siding

Board-And-Batten-Siding-Home-Design-Trends-2022We’ve mentioned this style of siding as a low-maintenance solution for white and black makeovers. However, board and batten siding has been making a major comeback for the past several years. Homeowners are tired of their horizontal, boring siding and are opting for this country-forward installation method instead. Board and batten also adds a different level of exterior home design because unlike horizontal siding that overlaps to provide protection, the vertical installation adds “battens” to cover the gaps between the boards. This provides a country/farmhouse look that is made more modern when choosing contemporary white or ultra-chic dark tones.

Sweeping Front Patios

Sweeping-Front-Patios-2022-Home-Design-TrendsMany suburban homes were built minus the front porch, and landscaping with small cedars and evergreens at the base of the home was also very popular. Today, homeowners are tearing out the evergreens and bushes and replacing them with sweeping front patios where they can sit in comfy chairs and enjoy watching the activity on their street. Using cement, patio stones, or a combination of materials, these front patios offer a very clean, contemporary look. Patios are open and spacious, with many homeowners gleefully tearing up portions of their high-maintenance lawns and flower beds in favour of a more imposing front.

Prominent Entry Doors

Prominent-Entry-Doors-Home-Design-Trends-For-2022When space allows, customized entry doors that are either taller, wider, or both create a statement entry that is quite prominent. Often these doors use high-end materials with wrought iron accents and are then combined with elegant sidelights or two-story cathedral windows above. If space doesn’t allow for this type of entry makeover, you can also look for new ways to frame your entry. Adding a different colour siding, using cultured stone, or creating a unique design with unexpected materials helps draw attention to your entry doors.

Cultured Stone Garage Or Porch Accents

Cultured-Stone-Garage-Or-Porch-Accents-2022-Design-TrendsCultured stone can be used to accent your garage or porch. For example, porch pillar bases or porch fronts covered in cultured stone add substance and texture. Garage doors can be framed with cultured stone, or you can just cover the base of the frame.

If you are ready to rethink your home’s exterior with a home renovation plan based on 2022 exterior design trends, speak to our team today or click here to get a quote.



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