What’s The Best Time Of Year For Different Home Renovations?

Updated:  April 26, 2022

Your home consists of different components that protect you against the weather. Because these elements are installed on the exterior of your home, it can be difficult to know what time of year makes the most sense for repairs or replacement. Here we look at the major exterior features of your home and explain when’s the best time of year for different home renovations.

Best Time Of Year For Different Home Renovations

What Is The Best Season To Replace Your Windows?

Best-Season-To-Replace-Windows-Weaver-Exterior-RemodelingIt makes sense you would want to replace your windows when the weather is warm since your home will be exposed to the elements during the process. However, summer is also the time when insects are around which can be a problem. So when should you schedule your window replacement project? Ideally, you should consider window replacement in the late spring or early summer before it gets too hot. You protect your home from cold drafts, reduce the number of insects, and also avoid your home heating up on a steamy summer day.

However, this is peak season when prices can be higher, and demand may make it difficult to schedule your project. A good alternative is to consider the fall. The weather in Ontario tends to remain warm right into October, so this is a good option. Although rain is more likely and temperatures can still drop, it has the same “in-between seasons” appeal as spring.

What Is The Best Season For Siding Replacement?

Best-Season-To-Replace-Siding-Best-Time-Of-Year-For-Different-Home-Renovations-Weaver-Exterior-RemodelingYou might be surprised to learn fall is the best time of year for your siding replacement project. Vinyl siding expands and contracts in the heat and cold. If you install your vinyl siding on a hot summer day, it affects the quality of your installation because the heat expands the vinyl, making it up to five-eighths of an inch longer than in the winter.

As a result, as the temperatures change, expansion causes the vinyl to stretch, putting pressure on window frames and other home features. The pressure forces the boards to buckle, leaving your home vulnerable to water damage. Winter installations have a similar challenge because the boards will contract in the cold. As well, dipping temperatures can also make the boards brittle. During the nailing process, the brittle vinyl can crack, damaging the board. A good installer will need to replace several boards which can make the installation more expensive. On the other hand, a bad installer will leave the cracked board up, leading to leaks.

That brings us to spring which is too rainy and leads to moisture issues, including the risk for mould. Fall avoids all these issues. You’ll have brand-new siding just in time to keep your home toasty warm for the winter.

What Is The Best Season To Install A Door?

Best-Season-To-Install-Doors-Weaver-Exterior-RemodelingEntry doors, sliding doors, and patio/garden doors are similar to window replacement projects. Although they only address one opening, you are still looking at having your entry wide open while the installers work. So spring is your best option. You’ll want to start shopping for your door early to avoid the rush. Once summer arrives it can become very difficult to find a contractor in this busy season. However, if your order gets pushed to the fall, this is nothing to worry about. It is still a good time before dipping temperatures make your project a chilly prospect.

In the fall you’ll also waste less energy on heat or air conditioning in the process. Although we wouldn’t recommend window replacement in the winter unless absolutely necessary, an entry door isn’t quite as bad. You’ll get faster service, and also benefit from the energy-efficiency.

What Is The Best Season To Replace Eavestroughs?

Best-Season-To-Replace-Eavestroughs-Weaver-Exterior-1You might not give your eavestroughs much thought, but like all exterior elements of your home, they eventually need replacement. Gutter replacement is a good project for the summer. It’s pretty difficult to complete this project with leaves, snow, or rain falling. If it is an emergency, your contractor will provide a replacement in any season to reduce the risk of damage to your home. Summer means less risk for delays due to bad weather, but also ensures your contractor can identify pest issues.

If you are replacing your gutters, consider having gutter guards installed as well. Guards provide a low-maintenance solution that keeps your gutters free of ice, snow, and debris so you reduce the risk for water damage. You also no longer need to climb a ladder to clean your eavestroughs twice a year. The worst time of year for gutter installation is the winter, for obvious reasons. In bad weather with lots of snow, even emergencies can pose a challenge, and repairs are usually delayed.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Perform Masonry Work?

Best-Season-For-Masonry-Repair-Weaver-Exterior-BarrieMasonry work depends on the type of work and where it is being performed, but this is usually another project that can’t be performed in the winter or spring. Precipitation is bad news for masonry work. The fall is actually the best time for masonry work because temperatures aren’t too warm, and rain is not as likely as it is in the spring.

However, if you require chimney repairs, they can be completed just as winter ends. This is the best time to identify damage that occurred with heavy use in the colder months. If repointing is required, many masonry companies will tell you that results are better when temperatures are just below freezing. This process replaces just the mortar between the bricks, requiring a curing process that works well in colder weather. If it is too hot, humid, or raining the mortar needs to be protected from direct sun and humid winds. Therefore many masons prefer to work when the weather is cold and cloudy without precipitation for repointing projects.

Regardless of when you book your exterior home renovations, always start by calling in the experts to evaluate your home. They will recommend the best time of year for different home renovations, while providing quotes to help you budget for the work.

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