Your Home’s Exterior Is An Investment

Updated:  February 2, 2021

Real estate is still one of the most stable and effective ways to get a good return on investment. While many homeowners consider how they can get the most out of their investment, they look to ways to increase the value of the home.

Regular home maintenance and exterior improvements for energy efficiency and aesthetic reasons can yield huge dividends. Whether you have an investment property or live in your investment as your primary home or cottage, it pays to have expert help and advice from the top renovation experts at Weaver Exterior Remodeling.

New High-Quality Windows

Many parts of the exterior of your house have a big impact on your home as an investment. One major area where you should consider an exterior renovation is your home’s windows.


Replacing the windows throughout your home can:

  • Increase cost savings, with better insulation increasing energy efficiency
  • Update the overall look and cleanliness of your windows both from the inside and out
  • Increase curb appeal and potential buyer interest with a higher resale value when you do decide to sell

We specialize in vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and masonry in Barrie, Newmarket, and Simcoe County.

Learn about all our options here.

Glass Doors

Patio doors, garden doors, and sliding doors can certainly add more light to your space and open it up, creating a more inviting experience from the inside. But, as a window to the outside, we also understand the need to ensure, with an opening of this size, that it is energy efficient. With all these factors built into your upgrades, your real estate investment will increase significantly in value.


Front Door Impressions

First impressions of your home can often be influenced by the look and state of your front entry door.

From colours, to glass, to hardware and overall design, a front entry door can be a major piece in the overall appeal of your exterior. Alongside the benefit of aesthetic appeal, a new front entry door also offers better security and durability, adding even more value to your real estate investment.

Make a statement with the perfect front entry door.


Updated Eavestroughs

If you still want to treat your home as a real estate investment but enjoy it for years to come, put eavestrough updates on your list.

Replacing your old eavestroughs, which are typically installed in sections, with a seamless eavestrough system eliminates the potential for leaking and water damage caused from broken seam connections.

Additionally, leaf guards can be a great yard work saver for you now, but is also a simple way to improve the functionality of your eavestrough system. Plus, potential buyers appreciate solutions that make their life easier should they purchase your home. If prospective buyers notice that they will have less yard work because your eavestroughs have leaf guards, they will instantly recognize the time savings, freeing them for other new homeowner projects.

Gutter Guards - Elite Installer - Alu-Rex

Masonry And Siding

As far as your home’s exterior renovation plans, we recommend considering a second look at your home’s physical exterior – the siding and masonry. Depending on the design of your home, you may have both. Either way, taking a look to identify any cracks in the exterior of the home can pay off.

The best time to have siding repaired or replaced on your structure is late spring through early fall. This allows the best conditions for installation, but it also prepares your unfinished or outdated home for the harsher conditions of winter. This also applies to the masonry.

This is also a top tip for those individuals who have purchased a home or cottage with flipping in mind. According to, fixer-uppers that have their siding replaced with new contemporary options see an increase in home resale value equivalent to 3/4ths of the amount of money invested.

Luckily, renovating the exterior for the real estate investment potential allows you to rethink the aesthetics of the home, and make it your own with the perfect design and textures that appeal to you.

Protect your real estate investment with proactive masonry and siding maintenance.


Invest In Your Nest

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home or cottage in the near future, thinking about investing in your nest and improving the return on investment of your property will help you create a manageable upgrade plan for the home.

When you consider your home as your own real estate investment, you begin to see the value in protecting your home’s exterior.

When you do decide to dive into an exterior renovation, give us a call. We understand that your home’s exterior is an investment, but it also takes an investment on your part, so we will help you determine which exterior projects to tackle first. Contact us about your home improvement project and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

Or, want a quick quote? Use our interactive quote tool to get started.


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