When Your Home Needs (Or Wants) A Facelift

Updated:  December 23, 2020

The word facelift doesn’t just refer to cosmetic surgery, it can apply to your home too. Even the humblest homeowner can feel the pressure to “keep up with the Joneses”. You might know the feeling. You find yourself noticing more and more people on your street have invested in new roofs, or windows, or walkways, or garage doors, and suddenly your home doesn’t look so hot. You find yourself watching more renovation shows looking for home facelift ideas to improve your exterior.

In some cases, you might even take it one step further and look at your savings, or search for information about home equity loans. If any of this sounds familiar there’s a good chance your home could need a facelift. Here are some ideas to help indulge your exterior makeover fantasies with upgrades sure to raise your curb appeal and restore your pride of ownership.

Great Expectations:  Imagine A New Front Door

Does it seem like every second house or so has recently installed a new front door? If so, there’s a good reason for that. Since houses within a few blocks of each other tend to be about the same age, they also tend to need repairs and replacements around the same time. Old front doors tend to get a little breezy, letting cold air in the winter inch its way under the door jamb. As a result, many homeowners decide it’s time for a more energy-efficient door. But there’s more to it than that.


Those new doors you’ve been noticing look good too. They add an instant upgrade that makes a home look more inviting, up to date and stylish. A new front door can add a pop of colour, change the style of your home, or create a grander entrance. Often for a minimal investment, you can meet your own great facelift expectations with a simple front door upgrade.

Crowning Glory:  New Roof? Maybe Not

Basic shingles of the past several decades add little to no design or architectural appeal to a home. If you take a look at newer roofs in your area, you probably are seeing a trend that leans toward adding more texture and colour variances than your poor old roof boasts. However, what you’re seeing might not even be a new roof. It could actually be upgrades to old soffits and fascia.


These finishing touches around the roof were once most commonly just plain white, awful brown, or sometimes a sandy tone. Today, however, homeowners have discovered the beauty of coloured fascia and soffit that goes a long way in creating a more refined look to their roofs. If your roof is sound, but you want to mix things up a little, consider making an update to these details. Suddenly your roof blends in beautifully with your home, making it look brand new.

The Eyes Of The Home:  New Windows

If your home has old windows, especially with wood frames and trims that are peeling, warping, fading, and simply looking outdated, it can really make your home look unloved. New vinyl windows not only look better but also provide more energy-efficiency for your home. As a result, your facelift investment can start paying for itself as your energy bills drop following installation.


As well, windows come in different configurations, colours and grill designs which can do wonders to make over the appearance of your home, often in just one day. Imagine how much nicer your home would look if you had windows that match the colour of your siding, or add contrast to your brick or roof? You can create an entirely new look that is more modern, or enhances the traditional look you love.

Taking Sides:  Exterior Facelift With Siding

Interesting trends in siding has many neighbourhoods taking on whole new looks. Not only does all-weather technology help keep homes more energy-efficient, it also provides siding that won’t warp, fade, distort or peel. Because of this, you might have noticed people are installing darker and darker colours in siding. This trend is happening not only because darker colours are in, but because they have made a big impact on the siding scene. Because materials are more fade-resistant, darker colours can last longer.


As well, a wider variety in siding colours allows homeowners to coordinate completely new looks that consider the front door, the windows, and even the eavestroughs, soffits and fascia. It goes way beyond colour, however. Siding now provides new installation methods with more and more people choosing vertical panels for a more rustic look. Textures have also changed – for example, providing the look of cedar without the maintenance. This shingle-style siding comes in different colours and finishes, allowing homeowners to come up with unique designs, styles, and configurations to completely make over their home’s facelift.

Brick House:  Why Not Stone?

Another facelift trend you might notice in your neighbourhood is a move away from brick. The availability of affordable new manufactured stone veneer is making it easier than ever before for homes to reinvent themselves with modern new twists on exterior materials. You can combine brick, stone and siding or choose to cover brick completely with the new facing of your choice. Some homeowners choose to simply do a lower portion of their home, reface their garages, or create accents around windows.


Other highlights can be added to porches and stoops, or built-in flower beds. There are endless installation possibilities. However, there are also endless materials available thanks to the introduction of cultured stone. Cultured stone has made a huge impact on home exterior facelift trends. It is becoming more popular in new home development, with many homeowners jumping on the bandwagon. They are discovering they can renovate instead of moving to a more modern home. Cultured stone creates a more modern, new-home look, and is a manufactured facelift alternative that is much more affordable than real stone.

Not only is it easier to manufacture, but it also takes less time to install. It is created using durable concrete which can be moulded with hundreds of customized colour and texture choices. The product is lighter and therefore installs beautifully. It can be used for a rustic look but also has an ultra-modern appearance when installed with a smoother texture.

If you would like to renovate with a facelift instead of moving, take the next step and click here to get a quote today.


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