Top Exterior Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Updated:  October 5, 2023

Planning an exterior home renovation offers an excellent opportunity to improve curb appeal, energy efficiency, and home value. However, to see that home value increase, you need to avoid common home renovation mistakes that have the completely opposite effect. Here we look at the top exterior home renovation mistakes, with tips to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not Considering The Age Of Your House


There are a few reasons the age of your home is important:

  • Past building materials/methods: The older your home, the more you need to understand how past building materials and building methods could impact what lies beneath the exterior. This can impact costs due to damage or infrastructure challenges.
  • Heritage: A heritage home built over 50 years ago could be restricted by local heritage regulations that dictate the types of updates you can make to the home’s appearance.
  • Past damage: The older the home, the more likely it has survived a major weather event or fire. This can present infrastructure issues which in turn impact the price.
  • Code: There are likely building code violations due to the age of your home. Your renovations must include enough money to cover the costs and bring your home up to modern standards.

A professional assessment of your home will help determine how its age impacts your plans.

Mistake # 2: Not Having A Plan And Budget


That brings us to the plan and budget. First, you need to know how much money you have available for your project. Your budget is based on your savings, as well as other available funds through resources such as equity and home improvement loans, or rebate programs. Next, having a plan provides a road map for your exterior home contractor to follow when providing a quote. They can use it to understand the scope of work and determine the costs and timing. Your plan and budget are then aligned, addressing every stage from start to finish. A plan and budget allow you to complete your project free of surprises.

Mistake # 3: Not Considering The Interior Impact Of Exterior Renos


Since you’re focused on the exterior, there is no need to worry about the interior right? Wrong. Your exterior renos also impact your interior in a few ways:

  • Lighting: Exterior renovations such as windows can help improve natural lighting in your home, creating a more inviting space. You might consider installing skylights, for example, or opening up the back of your home with new double sliding glass doors.
  • Energy Efficiency: Adding larger or more windows can save money on lighting costs. You’ll also find replacing things such as sliding glass doors, entry doors, and siding provides better insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Noise: The type of windows, exterior doors and even façade you choose can all contribute to noise reduction.
  • Appearance: Your exterior doors together with your windows can be seen from inside the home. Therefore, you want them to look just as nice inside as they do out.
  • Views: What your rooms overlook is also important. For example, you might want a large picture window overlooking a lovely backyard but prefer adding a frosted glass window for privacy in a bathroom overlooking the neighbours.

Considering these things now will reduce the costs of making fixes post-renovation.

Mistake # 4: Being Way Too Trendy


It can be hard not to get caught up in design trends you feel will help modernize your home. However, if you go too trendy, it could prove a costly mistake. What will you do when your home looks dated in five to 10 years? Exterior renovations should not be based on trends but instead, focus on the current look and style of your home and other homes on the street. If you create a new façade that is too trendy, it will increase the risk of standing out in a bad way.

While you can update and modernize your façade with new colours and materials, it is always safest and more profitable to consider classic styles that will last. You can also look for exterior details you can remove, as opposed to replacement, such as outdated awnings and shutters. To save money and get that trendy look you love, choose trendier styles for items that won’t be as expensive to replace, such as:

  • Exterior lights
  • House numbers
  • Door knockers/handles and accessories
  • Your mailbox
  • Repainting your porch

This is an affordable way to make trendy updates that can be replaced as trends change.

Mistake # 5: Not Understanding Return On Investment


Your ROI is very important as it helps cover the costs of your renovations when you sell. It also helps build home equity. Some of the top recommended investments according to the Cost versus Value report include:

  • Stone veneer: 92%
  • Siding replacement: 68%
  • Window replacement: 67%
  • Entry door replacement: 65%

Understanding the preferred materials, costs, and returns will help you make smarter choices.

Mistake # 6: Not Consulting An Expert


As we mentioned above, an exterior contractor can assess your home, provide a quote, and outline a plan suited to your budget and home’s age. Without consulting an expert, you can run into several challenges structurally, aesthetically, and financially. A thorough assessment of your home will help determine the age and condition, providing an accurate understanding of the costs involved to help you prioritize your budget.

You will also gain insights into energy savings, how to improve your ROI, and how long you can expect the renovations to take. Most contractors, including Weaver, offer free quotes and consultations to help you develop a plan and budget. Experts can:

  • Consider the whole home
  • Assess the condition of your home to identify damage
  • Recommend components to help remedy or reduce damage, such as eavestroughs, gutter guards, soffits and fascia
  • Make the most of your budget so you can complete more changes
  • Recommend the changes that will see the best ROI
  • Provide energy efficiency advice
  • Recommend projects that qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Grant
  • Develop an exterior home design ideal for your home style, neighbourhood, and budget

Calling an exterior home expert is the best first step for any exterior renovation project.

How To Avoid Exterior Home Renovation Mistakes

If you would like to start your exterior renovations off on the right foot, click here to set up a free quote with the experts at Weaver Exterior Remodeling.


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