Steel Entry Doors, Do They Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Updated:  October 12, 2017

One of the best home investments you can make is to upgrade to steel entry doors according to the 2014 Remodeling Cost to Value survey. Great looking steel entry doors will not only improve the curb appeal of a home, but it has the added benefit of saving on energy costs.

Steel entry doors use a 20-24 gauge continuous piece of steel for strength and durability and can either come with a polyurethane foam core or an environmentally friendly Urethane HCFC free for ozone layer protection to provide a durable door that can be painted or stained to improve the energy efficiency, performance and curb appeal of a home.

Advantages Of Steel Entry Doors


1. Steel entry doors are the most cost-effective way to enhance curb appeal. A new stained steel front, side or back door can add style and architectural interest to your home.

2. Door and glass panels to fit many architectural styles. With a wide variety of different designs to choose from, steel entry doors will fit well into many home designs; including cottage, classic, colonial, contemporary, and country to name just a few.

3. Save on energy costs. Old doors often have a poor seal against external air, driving up heating and cooling costs. Using a polyurethane foam core can drive energy costs down.

4. Steel will not rot or splinter like a wooden door. Steel entry doors offer hot-dipped galvanized G-40 for increased rust resistance, so it won’t have the adverse effects often associated with a wooden door.

5. Improved security. Rigid composite locks are used to reinforce the lock and deadbolt area of steel entry doors.

6. Decorative glass. Distinctive glass styles can make a home look architecturally correct and can also provide different levels of obscurity and privacy.

7. Large selection of paint and stain colours. Match or complement the look of the inside and outside of the home.

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