Prioritizing Exterior Home Renovations

Updated:  September 3, 2021

Exterior Home Renovations can be expensive. So when you are looking at major exterior renovations, it makes sense to have a plan in mind. You want to consider why you are making your renovations, how much money you have available, and how you can make updates that reduce maintenance. Here we offer advice on how you can prioritize your home renovations to meet your changing needs.

Aging In Place: Maintenance-Free Living

Aging-In-Place-Maintenance-Free-Living-Home-Exterior-RenovationsAs you age, your home can become a bit of a burden to manage. Therefore, consider how long you plan to live in the home and how aging will impact your time there. Some of the exterior home renovations that will make life easier, aging or not, include:

Gutter Guards: What could be easier than installing gutter guards, so you never need to climb a ladder to clean your gutters again? This is an affordable upgrade that might not be noticeable from a curb appeal standpoint, but that speaks volumes when it comes to home maintenance.

Seamless Eavestroughs: This is one of the best ways to avoid issues with leaky eavestroughs that can rust and require paint. New seamless vinyl eavestroughs reduce the risk for rust and leaks so you spend less time looking up to inspect your gutters. The continuous system is low maintenance, but high impact from a return-on-investment standpoint, as you are less likely to experience water damage inside or out.

Viny/Aluminum Siding: This set-it-and-forget-it siding increases curb appeal and reduces maintenance. No more worries about peeling paint or fading aluminum coatings. It’s all about new designs and easy-care materials that never need painting again.

Vinyl Or Aluminum Soffits And Fascia: These two unsung heroes are big contributors to your home’s comfort and roofing system. The soffit sits below your roof’s overhang, while the fascia sits above the soffit. Soffit promotes airflow in your attic and fascia supports your roof and gutters. When these elements are made of wood, they peel and rot. New vinyl adds more protection to your home, while eliminating the need to sand, prime and paint the wood every year.

Vinyl Windows: Just like any of the wood on your home’s exterior, wood window frames equal work. New vinyl windows improve energy efficiency and never need to be painted again.

Entry Door: New steel and fiberglass doors don’t require sanding, priming, and painting like old steel and wood doors. They won’t bow or warp, and also improve energy efficiency and security.

While these benefits assist everyone, they are especially appealing when aging in place.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-Efficient-Home-Exterior-RenovationsIf you want to save money with improved energy efficiency in your home, adding Energy Star windows and doors helps. Energy Star windows offer:

  • Low E technology
  • Easier operation
  • Improved security
  • Weatherproofing
  • Reduced costs from extreme air conditioning and heating demand
  • Excellent return on investment

They also increase home value and as mentioned, are low maintenance. Add a new energy-efficient front door and siding for even more savings.

Curb Appeal

Curb-Appeal-Home-Exterior-Renovations-Weaver-ExteriorIf you’re all about the curb appeal, your priorities should include:

New siding: Siding is not only low-maintenance but also comes in an endless variety of colours and textures. You can also choose to install it vertically to add an even more distinct look. Siding covers a large surface which is why it makes such a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. It can be used to match your home’s historical style or to update a ho-hum house in a subdivision.

Masonry: Masonry includes brick and stonework in your home. A huge trend in home exteriors is new forms of stone veneers. They add texture, colour and interest, and are an affordable way to change the look of your home. They can be used to replace existing brick, or add accents in key areas of the home such as the garage, or create an interesting border along the foundation.

Front door: Your front door is the key focus of your exterior. You can make a real statement with a new front door, adding elegance in black, drama with deep gray, whimsy with blues or reds, or a monotone modern look in browns and taupes. The look of your door is completely customizable based on the types of panels you choose, whether you want windows, and also considering side windows. There are endless combinations that make your front door completely unique to your home.

All of these additions, in hand with new windows can completely transform your home and make it the envy of your neighbourhood.

Protecting And Improving Your Interior

Improving-Interior-With-Home-Exterior-Renovations-Weaver-ExteriorIf you are stressing about the integrity of your interior or want to add unique interior touches, there are many exterior upgrades that will make a big difference on the inside as well, including:

Replacement Windows: Old windows can lead to many issues including mould, mildew, blistering paint, floor damage and more. Leaks are notorious for interior damage which can often go unnoticed for years. New, well-sealed windows will protect your interior paint, floors, walls, and moulding, while also providing an interesting architectural detail.

Additional Windows: One of the best ways to improve your home’s interior is by adding more natural light. Let your interiors shine by installing additional windows or sliding glass doors. Natural light is not the only benefit of windows. Architectural features such as bay and bow windows can also add impact to your interior.

New Front Door: New entry doors also affect the inside of your home. Choosing doors with windows for example provides more light to your entryway, while also adding an interesting architectural detail to your foyer. You also reduce the risk of leaks that can destroy your entry floors.

New Eavestroughs, Soffits And Fascia: Your entire home is protected with this upgrade as you reduce the risk for leaks and moisture damage.

New Garden Doors: Not only will these doors let in more light and save energy, but they also improve the views of your garden. If you already have garden doors, new designs allow you to create lovely finishing touches with features such as trim colour and grilles. You can order custom doors in exciting colours from black to burgundy, and deep green to royal blue.  If you’re bored of those sliding doors, upgrade to classic French garden doors for a chic, elegant look.

As you can see your exterior upgrades can actually make a huge impression inside your home as well.

When you create a vision for your home you can list the reasons you want your exterior upgrades so you can get accurate quotes from exterior home renovation experts. They can explain the benefits and help you decide what upgrades make the most sense for you. Let Weaver be your guide every step of the way with expert feedback and priority scheduling for your projects. Click here for a quote today.




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