Masonry Project – Weaver – Indiana Limestone Repair

Updated:  June 11, 2019

Masonry Project - Intricate Indiana Limestone Repair

It required extremely intricate work to replace this rotting brick window sill. Our team systematically removed the entire front living room failing brick window sill in stages to ensure upper brickwork bearing on existing brick sill stayed in place during sill replacement. We installed new 3” thick x 6” deep rock face Indiana limestones in three pieces.

These new stone sills have a proper overhang and working drip edge to stop water from cascading over the brickwork and prevent any water damage in the future.

If your home is suffering from any water damage, our team would be happy to come inspect the damage and provide you with a complimentary quote for us to repair and prevent any future problems.


brick window sill repair, masonry

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