Latest Industry News In Exterior Home Renovations

Updated:  November 13, 2022

The exterior of your house creates that important first impression when people approach your home. Curb appeal shows pride of ownership while increasing the value of your home. Therefore, exterior home renovations are just as important as interior remodels, such as a new kitchen. Exterior upgrades not only improve your home’s appearance but also protect your home from the elements and increase energy efficiency. Here we look at the latest industry news in exterior home renovations as inspiration for your exterior home makeover.

Latest Industry News In Exterior Home Renovations


Latest-Industry-News-In-Exterior-Home-Renovations-Weaver-Exterior-Remodeling-Siding-UpgradesAccording to Gentek, a leading manufacturer of exterior building products, 45% of Canadians have installed new siding. Their survey showed that 38% of those surveyed chose siding to increase curb appeal, 26% didn’t like the look of their old siding, and 33% installed new siding to improve energy efficiency.

Another 24% installed new siding because they wanted to reduce their exterior home maintenance, while 27% replaced damaged siding. An interesting finding from the survey was that of the 44% who didn’t replace their siding it was because their siding was still in good condition. This shows you how well siding stands up over the years.

Siding Trends

Latest-Industry-News-In-Exterior-Home-Renovations-Weaver-Exterior-Remodeling-SidingIf you’re interested in siding replacement for your exterior home renovations, some of the latest trends include:

  • Linen: Linen and white tones are the number one colour scheme when it comes to creating the “modern farmhouse” look. Paired with black windows, roof and detailing this new classic is a quick and easy way to make over your curb appeal for instant impact. When choosing linen, consider the popular wide vertical “board and batten” style of siding to achieve that farmhouse look.
  • Yellow: Choosing unexpected, cheery colours like yellow really revitalizes your home with a quaint and charming exterior makeover. You can pair it with modern tones like deep grays or do something more traditional such as a sage green or rustic red.
  • Green: Colours inspired by nature continue to trend for home exterior palettes. Traditional greens such as sage have become the new modern green, stressing grayer undertones that keep the green more muted. The sage green works well with today’s darker windows, shutters and eavestroughs.
  • Charcoal/Deep Gray: Gray is a modern, sophisticated colour that is quite versatile. It works on both modern and traditional homes and works well with various palettes, depending on your taste.
  • Blue: Blue shades range from a soft, pretty Azure Blue to a deeper, more traditional Cobalt. It is both calming and eye-catching, creating a distinctive look whether you want something timeless and elegant or more of an east coast rustic charm.

Easy Maintenance

Latest-Industry-News-In-Exterior-Home-Renovations-Weaver-Exterior-Remodeling-Easy-Home-MaintenanceMore and more homeowners are looking for easy solutions that help reduce time spent on exterior maintenance. For example, Gutter Guards eliminate the need to climb a shaky ladder every spring and fall to clear out debris that can lead to water damage.

Paying attention to the materials used for key exterior components is also very important when it comes to reducing maintenance. Vinyl and aluminum are the preferred materials for a long list of exterior features, from siding to eavestroughs and from windows to soffits and fascia. Both materials require zero to no maintenance, including the need to sand, prime and repaint components like window frames. Another lower maintenance option in exterior home renovations is seamless eavestroughs, which reduce the parts and components that require replacement over time.

Faux Façades

Faux façades are changing the way homeowners and builders clad homes for exterior home renovations. Both faux stone and wood looks are very popular:

Cultured Stone

Latest-Industry-News-In-Exterior-Home-Renovations-Cultured-StoneCultured stone, also known as stone veneer, is a manufactured alternative to using real stone. It provides a very realistic look by pouring coloured cement into a mould to create various stone looks. It creates a much lighter-weight product that is easy to install and creates a beautiful rustic or sophisticated look for your exterior home makeover. The beauty of faux stone is that it is easy to install, low maintenance, and can create a whole new look to your home by simply adding stone accents.

This makes it a very affordable exterior remodeling option. However, it is also listed as the second best ROI for exterior or interior home improvements on the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report. At 92%, it sees a better return than fiber cement siding, which held the #4 spot, and vinyl siding, which sat at #6. Cultured stone is often used to add interest to garages, to create a grander front entry, or to create a textured base along the foundation of the home.

Faux Cedar Shingles

Latest-Industry-News-In-Exterior-Home-Renovations-Weaver-Exterior-Remodeling-Faux-Cedar-ShinglesFaux cedar siding is a vinyl product that is quite rustic and textured. Shingle-style vinyl siding is easy to install and is available in a range of colours and finishes. It is often used as an accent for features such as dormer-style windows, but also works well at the peak of a roof or above porches. It is often associated with Craftsman-style homes, which have come back into style of late.

Coloured Window Frames

Latest-Industry-News-In-Exterior-Home-Renovations-Weaver-Exterior-Remodeling-Coloured-Window-FramesThe dull beige and everyday white window frames have been replaced with edgy, sophisticated black frames. Black window frames go with any style of home and were the trademark of an updated home as we entered the 2020s. However, vinyl windows allow homeowners to select from a rainbow of colours with a frame that won’t peel, fade, or crack. Because the colour is part of the vinyl itself, no coating or paint of any kind is required.

Single Front Doors

Latest-Industry-News-In-Exterior-Home-Renovations-Weaver-Exterior-Remodeling-Single-Front-DoorsHomes built in the late 1980s and early 1990s tended to have double door entries with window lites. Today, homeowners love the idea of replacing their double doors with a solid single door with side lights. This creates an elegant look that is also very secure and imposing to really elevate your entry. You don’t lose out on the natural light, thanks to the two side lights. Black is very popular for this updated look that is completed with brass hardware and a snazzy door knocker. Fibreglass doors are the door of choice for low maintenance, high energy efficiency, and lasting beauty.

Greener Homes

Latest-Industry-News-In-Exterior-Home-Renovations-Weaver-Exterior-Remodeling-Greener-HomesThanks to programs like the Canada Greener Homes Grant, homeowners can afford to make energy-efficient upgrades. You can receive up to $5,000 back in government grants for green home improvements such as the installation of ENERGY STAR® windows and doors. However, any exterior improvements that save energy help you achieve your goal of reducing energy usage and creating a smaller carbon footprint, which are the best exterior home renovations you can make.

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