Increase Your Home’s Value With Exterior Renovations Done Right

Updated:  October 12, 2020

When you take the leap from renter to homeowner, you are investing a large part of your finances towards this one asset. With that in mind, many homeowners begin to look for ways to ensure they get a good return on investment, such as completing exterior renovations that increase their home’s worth and ultimately get them a higher resale value when they do decide to sell and move on.

This is also known as curb appeal.

The Power Of Curb Appeal

While curb appeal is a term that’s generally associated with the process of actively selling your home, the concept of keeping up with the exterior of your home is something to think about on a regular basis.

Curb appeal is often thought of as simply a matter of aesthetics, and many homeowners have questioned whether working towards better curb appeal is really worth it. However, Realtor Magazine cites that homes with high curb appeal tend to sell for an average of 7% more than homes with an otherwise similar valuation.

How To Improve Curb Appeal With Exterior Renovations

We believe that the key to improving curb appeal is by first focusing on the structure and functional elements of your home when considering exterior renovations. By starting with this approach, you will increase your home’s worth and attain a higher resale value.

Let’s start with a few key areas of your home to focus on, before you can dive into the smaller and more decorative projects.

New Windows

Attractive and efficient windows are a great way to increase your home’s resale value. This is because potential homebuyers know that new windows mean fewer updates are needed, and that the energy-efficiency of the home will be significantly better compared to older windows.

Increase Home'S Value With Exterior Renovations - New Windows - Weaver Exterior

Updated Doors

Updating your doors can go beyond your front entry. Consider any sliding glass doors or patio doors that could be replaced to increase energy efficiency, visibility, and overall aesthetic appeal. Not only does this entice people with curb appeal, but these doors continue to pay off when potential buyers see a wide-ranging view from the other side of that sliding glass door.

We have the perfect sliding door option for your home’s new look.

Plus, new doors give you a cost-effective way to add some personality to your home and update its look to be more contemporary. Along with this, other small touches like outdoor lighting, paint trim and metal accents are great projects to have your family help you with.

Increase Home'S Value With Exterior Renovations - New Sliding Doors - Weaver Exterior

New Siding

Regularly keeping up with the exterior siding of your home and other trim details can automatically transform the curb appeal of your home. Consistent maintenance is a great plan for longevity, but if your home’s siding is on the older side, it may be time to consider entirely replacing it with a new vinyl or aluminum option.

Plus, modern vinyl and aluminum siding can have positive effects on the energy efficiency of your home — saving you money now, while you wait for the rest of your return on investment when you sell. Not to mention, siding comes in a variety of styles and colours to align with your updated vision for your home’s exterior renovations.

View our wide range of siding options here.

Increase Home'S Value With Exterior Renovations - New Siding - Weaver Exterior

Masonry Alterations & Updates

Beautiful masonry alterations bring a strong return on investment. Since stonework is both functional and decorative, having the right look and the right professional to execute your vision is the key to increasing your home’s worth and getting a higher resale value.

Reasons that masonry alterations and updates can benefit you in the short term and in the long term:

  • Sealing small cracks prevents heat loss and heat gain throughout the year, reducing your overall energy bill.
  • Repairing small openings (typical for most homes) to prevent pests from entering the house will ensure that you won’t have a problem today, or worse, a deeper infestation down the line.
  • Benefits that continue to pay off for the next owners of your home, meaning that you can expect a higher resale value.

The return on investment with masonry alterations is very good, considering the long-term benefits compared to the upfront fee in having a professional do it right.

See our brickwork and culture stonework here.

Increase Home'S Value With Exterior Renovations - Masonry - Weaver Exterior

Soffit & Fascia

Another overlooked area of your home’s exterior is its soffit and fascia. These components help improve air circulation and prevent timber rot. They also provide crucial structural integrity for your eavestroughs, which is vitally important if your gutters become overloaded with leaves and debris.

But this functionality doesn’t have to come at the expense of curb appeal – there are many aesthetically-appealing soffit and fascia options to complement your home’s style and colour.

Let us help you choose the ideal soffit and fascia for your home.

Increase Home'S Value With Exterior Renovations - Soffit And Fascia - Weaver Exterior


While caring for your home’s eavestroughs can simply mean staying on top of clearing them out when they collect debris, installing a leaf guard system will ultimately save you time in the long run, earning you extra points and increasing your home’s resale value.

To take it a step further, completely replacing a sectioned eavestrough system with a modern seamless system is even more beneficial for your home, decreasing the chances of leaks and water damage.

Check out how seamless eavestrough systems can get you a better return on investment.

Seamless Eavestrough Installation - Alu-Rex Pro Series - Elite Installer

Feel like you could still increase your home’s worth and get a higher resale value with a few more touches…?

The Next Step…

Once you’ve tackled the big exterior renovations that have a significant impact on a higher resale value for your home, there are some smaller tasks that you or another family member of your family can take on for those extra touches, including:

  • Updating your mailbox
  • Swapping out your house numbers
  • Adding some front door decor
  • Adding greenery, gardens, and pots
  • Updating the sconces or light fixtures

Invest In Your Nest With Weaver

Attractive and efficient windows and doors, strong and long-lasting eavestroughs and leaf guard systems, new siding and soffit & fascia installations, and beautiful masonry alterations all will increase your home’s value significantly. But trying to achieve curb appeal with a solid return on investment through exterior renovations is hard for you to do on your own.

To get a custom quote on exterior renovations that will increase your home’s value, contact the Weaver Exterior team and we’ll provide you with a free estimate, or you can use our interactive quote tool to get started.


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