Exterior Renovations To Leave To The Pros

Updated:  August 1, 2021

Whether you are considering improving your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, or both, exterior renovations can prove to be quite tricky. You want to ensure everything is installed properly to make the most of your investment, although the allure of saving money on DIY projects can be hard to ignore. Just keep in mind that although some things such as a fresh coat of paint on your front door are easy to manage, more complicated upgrades like new windows call for proper installation to see energy efficiency improvements. Here we look at exterior renovations that are best left to the pros.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Energy-Efficiency-Upgrades-Exterior-Renovations-Weaver-BarrieIt might seem like you know what exterior renovations to invest in to improve energy efficiency. However, the government’s EnerGuide evaluation is the best way to make the right changes for your home. These assessments are carried out by a registered energy advisor with Natural Resources Canada who can advise you on exactly what is recommended. Their job is to provide a Notice to Homeowner that outlines all the recommended improvements you can make to your home, inside and out.

You can discuss your thoughts with the advisor on where you’d like to make adjustments and a customized report will be provided once the assessment is complete. You can also speak to your local exterior home renovation expert who can also provide an assessment and quote based on their recommendations for a more energy-efficient home. This might include:

New Energy-Efficient Windows

New-Energy-Efficient-Windows-Weaver-Exterior-RemodelingNew windows offer more bang for your buck as they not only improve energy efficiency but also improve curb appeal. New windows free of peeling paint make your home look well maintained and also come with a long list of customizable options. You can completely change the look of your home’s exterior whether you wish to give it a more modern look, or you are trying to maintain the integrity of your home’s original design. Energy-efficient windows can be as much as 20% more energy efficient than your older windows. However, in order to see efficiency improvements, windows must be installed properly. Otherwise, they can actually encourage energy and water leaks which cost you in the long run.

Energy-Efficient Front Door

Energy-Efficient-Front-Door-Exterior-RenovationsNothing says ‘Welcome Home’ better than a lovely front door. This is a great way to increase curb appeal while saving as much as 15% more on energy efficiency. Today’s entry doors offer endless customizable options, from window insert detailing, to solid doors paired with side lites. Colour options are available to suit any design scheme, and you can also add security upgrades for peace of mind.

As with windows you not only improve insulation but add to your home’s new look. You can further customize with new door handles and other accessories to create a welcome like no other. Getting a door to hang properly however, can be challenging, especially for double door systems. Therefore to make the most of your front door replacement, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

New Siding

New-Siding-Is-Exterior-Renovation-To-Leave-To-The-ProsSiding is often mistaken by homeowners as simply cosmetic. However, it contributes to your home’s insulation and protection in a big way. It helps reduce the threat of pests such as termites, helps protect your home from water, snow, and ice, and also keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can also achieve a completely new look by including new siding as part of your exterior home makeover. Better yet, new aluminum and vinyl siding is maintenance-free, so you can enjoy the look of your new siding without worrying about peeling paint. Proper installation is a must to ensure the siding is sound to prevent water penetration and heating and cooling leaks.

Patio/Garden And Sliding Doors

Sliding-Garden-Doors-Should-Be-Installed-By-Enterior-Renovation-ProfessionalsThe patio and garden doors leading out to your backyard are often made of glass. Whether they are swing doors with glass inserts or sliding glass doors, they can allow a lot of energy to escape as they age. With new patio and garden doors, you see the most energy savings than any other installation with as much as 55% greater energy efficiency than older doors. The difference between sliding and garden doors is that as the name implies, sliding doors operate on a rail as you drag it back and forth, while a garden door, also known as French doors, are traditional swing doors.

Both offer their own benefits, with the French style providing a more classic look. Sliding glass doors tend to let in more natural light. Both come in varied designs allowing you to choose the look you prefer for your home. These can be tricky to install thanks to the sliding motion. Even a millimeter off level can make it impossible to install the door and allow for smooth opening and closing. Leaks are another big risk of DIY installation.

New Masonry Work

New-Masonry-Should-Be-Applied-By-Exterior-Renovation-Professionals-Weaver-Exterior-RemodelingMasonry refers to brick and stonework facades. They are very common throughout southern Ontario and come in hundreds of colours, textures and installation options to make a huge impact on the exterior of your home. If you want an exterior makeover, you can install a variety of stone or brick details to the entire home, or add accents to areas such as beneath windows, the garage, the lower part of the home, etc.

They are visually appealing, and can modernize a home instantly and quite affordably. However, they must be installed by a professional, experienced mason to ensure the mortar is applied properly and the proper air space is included to protect your inner walls.


New-Eavestroughs-Installed-By-Exterior-Renovation-ProsOld and leaky eavestroughs not only look bad but also fail to keep the rain on your roof from draining safely away from your home. Their job is to divert water away from your exterior walls: not only protecting the walls, but also preventing water from pooling at your home’s foundation. This is a dangerous job that puts you at risk for falls. But also, if the eavestroughs are not installed properly it can lead to a long list of water damage woes. With the proper installation and the assistance of new gutter guards, your eavestroughs are not only more dependable but also maintenance-free.

Soffit And Fascia

Soffit-And-Fascia-Should-Be-Installed-By-Professional-Exterior-Renovation-CompanyYour soffit and fascia are major components of your roofing system. They add protection to the area beneath your roof, improve air circulation, and prevent issues that can lead to timber rot. Adding new soffits and fascia not only looks fantastic, but also provides a more durable addition to your entire roof. Not only are they dangerous to install, but they require particular knowledge and workmanship to ensure they are sealed, to allow proper ventilation and protection.

As you can see, the elements of your home’s exterior play several roles: Curb appeal, assisting with energy efficiency, and offering protection from the elements. It’s best to leave these projects to the experts like our team here at Weaver Exterior Remodeling. For a quote on these exterior projects and more, click here.




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