These Exterior Home Design Styles And Colours Are Trending For 2021

Updated:  January 21, 2021

If you love your home and neighbourhood but find your house is lacking in exterior aesthetics, why not add a little pizzazz to your curb appeal with a home exterior renovation? These exterior home design styles and colours are trending for 2021, offering smart, affordable ideas to update your Southern Ontario home. Here’s how to bring your home into the new decade with exterior home design trends ready to withstand the hands of time.

Think Neutral And Natural


If you want to switch up your exterior colours, but not add too much shock factor for the neighbours, think neutral and natural colour trends. This is easy to achieve using calming colours found in nature. New exterior colours include soft greens like sage, hints of black like rich soil and silvery grey tones like the bark of wizened trees.

You can also look to fresh running streams for enticing, softer blues, or stone tones inspired by the smoothed rocks found in babbling brooks. New exterior finishing touches such as board and batten siding and faux stonework are in demand, carrying on the trend to mix and match textures and natural tones, such as soft clay and rich evergreen, or charcoal and ivory.

Dark And Elegant


If you’re tired of the soft tones of your neighbourhood, consider next-level colours that are deep, dark, and elegant. These exterior home design colour trends are ultra-modern, yet maintain the sense of elegance from days gone by. It works for any style home from super-modern to rustic farmhouse. We’re talking ultra-dark in sophisticated blacks and deep charcoals, stylish navy and royal blues and elegant reds or rich wine burgundies. Custom colours are easy to achieve with multiple siding choices, but you can also go deeper and richer with new window updates in customized colour frames as well.

Contrast For Drama


Blending is not a rule of the time anymore. You can now get away with more drama-creating contrast in the dark colours of your siding, with crisp accents in your gutters, windows, pillars, soffits/fascia, and porches. This is one of the more robust exterior home design style trends that can also be used to draw attention to home features such as gables, using a dark and soft contrast with two tones of siding.

You can also contrast your masonry and siding, roof and windows, and more. This will continue to become popular as people living in standard subdivisions look for ways to make their homes stand out from the cookie-cutter exteriors in their neighbourhood.

Front Door Renaissance


Another common element in subdivisions is the same-old, same-old front door. You can add a punch of uniqueness by simply allowing your front door to dominate your home exterior. This is where style trends toward contrast really come into play. To update your front door you need to consider your entire exterior and look for a door design and style that makes an impact at first glance.

A common exterior home design renovation trend that has really gained traction is going from the double door entry to a wider, more substantial single door. With the addition of executive lite panels, you add a stunning exterior home design feature that still brings in natural light to your home’s interior while offering more privacy from the street.

Transitional Style In Exterior Home Design


Transitional architecture is all the rage in exterior home design renovations, taking the traditional and creating a mash-up with new contemporary design elements. An excellent example is the return of board and batten vertical siding taking over the now highly passé commonplace horizontal lines created by the siding of the past several decades.

Add more modern colour choices leaning towards the dark, or combine this historical look with modern masonry and faux stone finishes rising in popularity, to create your own version of transitional style. Transitional architecture provides a sense of welcome home comfort, with a slightly edgier look that appeals to modern aesthetic allure. It fuses the best of both worlds of tradition and modernity, allowing you to make over any style of home seamlessly.

Stand-Out Masonry


Cultured stone is providing builders and exterior designers with the opportunity to take on a highly sophisticated look using far more affordable materials. This manufactured alternative to real stone allows homeowners to create a highly customized appearance to their exteriors, with unique stone looks that are natural and durable, but most importantly, budget-friendly.

It can be used to create a rustic look, but with the right colours and textures can also become very modern. You can do your entire home front, or add touches of stone look texture and colours on areas such as bay windows, garages, windowsills, or just along the bottom half of your home. Designs can be customized to suit your taste and budget, with a wide selection of tones, textures, colours and stone looks.

The New Brick


While cultured stone might be all the rage, it can’t take away from the new brick designs coming into the picture. Much like dark and rich tones have taken over siding, new brick colours are also leaning towards the darker side of the colour palette. Whether you are looking to make repairs to update your existing brick or want to create a whole new look to your exterior, the traditional use of brick combined with the modern styles and colours make brick an excellent option for your exterior home design makeover.

A New “Direction” On Siding


You might have noticed the mention of vertical siding elements in many of these exterior home design renovation trends. That’s because the days of horizontal siding are coming to an end. The look of historical siding such as board and batten or cedar “shingles” is making a big comeback. Despite its historical ties, this siding trend creates a more modern feel to homes with the horizontal siding that smacks of the 70s and 80s. Combine vertical siding with modern colour options and suddenly your home has the standout exterior that encompasses all the 2021 trends with a transitional style that offers mucho curb appeal.

Not sure what exterior home design renovation is best for you? We can help with recommendations based on deep industry knowledge, our wide variety of products, our years of experience, and proven track record of customer satisfaction. Reach out for a quote today.


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