Choosing The Best Entry Door For Your Home: 5 Factors To Consider

Updated:  December 1, 2020

The entry door to your house makes a statement and welcomes guests to your home. However, not only does it have to look good, but must also provide your home with protection against the elements and intruders. With so many front doors available today, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here we offer tips to help you choose the perfect energy-efficient entry door for your home to suit your sense of style and budget.

Types Of Entry Doors

The two most suitable door materials for Ontario weather are steel and fibreglass. Both are durable, secure, energy-efficient, and attractive. Here are the benefits of each:

Steel Entry Doors 

Steel doors are the strongest and most secure door available. While they can be prone to dents, this is really only a concern if your door is completely exposed without much shelter. Even then, their price, together with their durability still makes them a good choice. Steel doors have an inner frame usually made of wood, but you can also request steel if you want added strength and security. Energy Star steel doors contain high-density foam insulation. High-quality steel doors are usually made with a 24-gauge skin and a steel frame with a smooth, sleek finish. To customize the colours, steel doors are coated with finishes that are baked on to avoid the need for repainting.

Fibreglass Entry Doors 

Fibreglass entry doors are considered to be maintenance-free. They also come in your choice of textures including a smooth finish or faux wood grain texturing. In some cases, you can even special order a door that can be stained to resemble the type of wood doors Barrie homeowners love. The door is constructed using a framework of wooden stiles and rails with wood edges for the lockset. Like steel doors, polyurethane-foam insulation makes them energy efficient. Fibreglass is an affordable option and can be custom-coloured to suit your needs.


Front Door Style

Once you decide which type of door you want you can consider the door styles. There are endless combinations of possible looks you can create based on the colour, the number of panels, window inserts, and hardware. Your design details include:

  • Colours and Finishes: You have your choice of over 30 custom colours for fibreglass or steel entry doors. The coatings won’t fade and don’t require touchups.
  • Grilles: Grilles refer to the detailing that separates glass panes in a door window (known as lites). They can be traditional with the grilles outside the windowpanes for separation, or be sandwiched inside two glass panes to offer a decorative touch.
  • Caming Finishes: There is also an endless selection of “caming” finishes to add decorative detail to door lites. Caming creates a look similar to stained glass, without the intricacy of colours. They are available in a number of metals and window textures to create unique ornate designs and patterns. Finishes include brass, satin nickel, black chrome, and patina.
  • Wrought Iron Glass: Wrought iron designs are crafted to create unique window detailing that is sandwiched between two panes of glass. This is a truly elegant look that creates a distinct welcoming style.
  • Glass Finishes: The glass inserts featured on front doors come in a number of finishes. They not only add a decorative element, they also provide privacy. There are actually over two dozen glass options available with different transparencies and textures. You can choose how much light you want, and how much privacy you prefer.

With so many choices for Barrie glass and door configurations, you can create your own custom look to suit your home and budget. Because there are so many options, it’s easy to find a door that is both beautiful and affordable.


Executive Panels

Executive panels add natural light, with narrow panes of glass positioned on either side, or both sides, of your front door. This is an excellent option if you prefer not to have a door lite, as you get the natural light along with added privacy and security. You can also match your executive panels to your door lite if you choose, for a beautiful look and touch of elegance.

Ensure Your Door Is Secure

Of course, an entry door also requires the highest quality security locks for your protection. There is a wide selection of grip sets, deadbolts and handles available to provide not only security, but also a finishing touch for your custom door. Today there are more options than ever, with your choice of knob, lever, and full door grips in a wide assortment of finishes. You can match the finish to complement your door colour, or match it to your caming design.

Smart Lock Technology

If you prefer you can pair your lever, knob, deadbolt, or grip set with smart lock technology. This provides an excellent security system that is matched to your door handles. These styles can be coordinated with your door colour and caming for a unified look. The digital entry also avoids the need for having keys made for everyone in the house.


Warranty And Installation

Because this is an investment you want to ensure your new entry door lasts a lifetime. Checking to ensure your warranty offers protection will ensure you are covered for years to come. Not only should you check the manufacturer’s warranty, but also what warranty is offered on the labour to install the door. This will ensure you have the highest quality door and workmanship.

If you would like more information about the entry doors available, get a quote from the experts today.


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