14 Frequently Asked Questions About Eavestroughs

Updated:  October 19, 2021

Your eavestroughs or “gutters” play an important role in protecting both the interior and exterior of your home. They ensure that water runoff from your roof makes its way away from your home to avoid water damage. If you are worried about your eavestroughs, here we answer the frequently asked questions we hear from our clients to help you understand what eavestroughs do, how to care for your eavestroughs and when it might be time for repairs or replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eavestroughs

1. What Are My Eavestroughs For?

What-Are-Eavestroughs-For-Questions-About-EavestroughsYour gutters reroute rain to downpipes that keep the water away from your roof and foundation. When in good condition and properly installed they prevent water from entering your home while ensuring the ground surrounding your home does not become waterlogged.

2. Why Are Eavestroughs Important?

Why-Are-Eavestroughs-Important-Frequently-Asked-Questions-About-EavestroughsWithout eavestroughs, or if your eavestroughs are clogged or damaged, you can experience leaks. When the ground at the base of your foundation is soaked, it can cause structural damage and basement leaks. When gutters are clogged, it can lead to roof issues as well as leaks around windows, and more.

3. What Is The Easiest Way To Maintain My Eavestroughs?

Easiest-Way-To-Maintain-Eavestroughs-Is-By-Installing-Gutter-GuardsWe advise our customers to clean their gutters out in both the spring and fall. This helps avoid clogs and overflows that lead to water damage. However, the easiest way to maintain your eavestroughs is to consider installing gutter guards. Leaf guards allow water to flow off the roof and into your eavestroughs through a screen while preventing leaves and other debris from entering the gutters.

4. Can I Damage My Eavestroughs When Cleaning Them?

Can-I-Damage-Eavestroughs-When-Cleaning-ThemYes, if you aren’t careful there are a number of ways you can damage your eavestroughs when cleaning them. First, the weight of your ladder not properly positioned can dent or crush the eavestrough. Next, if you use the wrong tools you can puncture your eavestroughs. As well, even scrapes to the paint can promote rust and corrosion that eat away at your eavestroughs.

5. Can Putting Up Holiday Lights Damage My Eavestroughs?

Questions-About-Eavestroughs-Putting-Up-Christmas-LightsYes, if you staple or nail hooks or lights directly onto your eavestroughs you can cause damage. Always use plastic light clips that slide over the eavestroughs or have strong water-resistant adhesive backing instead of staples or nails. They are easier to install and can be kept on the eavestroughs throughout the rest of the year.

6. What Are The Best Types Of Gutters For Homeowners?

Leaf-GuardIt depends on your roof. First, there is the size. Generally, homes require 5-inch eavestroughs. However, steel roofs or roofs with a steeper pitch might require 6 inches. Next, there is the material. We install only T-Rex gutters which offer seamless installation to avoid leaks. This sturdy system is low maintenance and comes in a variety of colours to improve curb appeal. When combined with gutter guards you have a high quality, durable and functional eavestrough system designed to look good, reduce maintenance, and last.

7. Why Should I Choose Seamless Eavestroughs?

New-Eavestroughs-Soffit-Fascia-Keeps-Inside-Of-House-Dry-And-Free-From-Water-Damage-WeaverSeamless eavestroughs are designed to keep water out of your house. When eavestroughs are installed with seams, you increase channels where water can leak and reach your foundation. You’ll have stronger corners that are hand mitered with just one seam, again reducing the risk for leaks. Although this takes more time to install, it is the best way to ensure durability for your eavestroughs, often for as long as you live in your home.

8. What Are Downpipes?

Washed-Away-Landscaping-From-Damaged-Eavestroughs-Weaver-ExteriorDownpipes or downspouts are connected to your eavestroughs. They play an important role in managing runoff as they carry water down to the ground and safely away from your home. We only install square downpipes because they are wider allowing more water to travel through them during those heavy Ontario rain storms.

9. Does Ice Cause Issues With Eavestroughs?

Protect Your Eavestrough Against Cold Weather Damage - Weaver ExteriorYes, ice is very heavy. If ice is allowed to build up along your gutters, it puts too much stress on the system. This is especially risky on longer lengths of gutters as it can cause the eavestrough to pull away from your house. The best way to protect against ice is to use gutter guards as they can reduce icy build-up and slush that puts strain on the gutters. In fact, our leaf guards use winter shield technology to not only strengthen your gutters but also protect your eaves from ice damming. This helps prevent your gutters from bending, rusting and warping.

10. Do I Need Entirely New Eavestroughs To Install Gutter Guards?

Do-I-Need-New-Eavestroughs-To-Install-Gutter-Guards-Frequently-Asked-Questions-About-EavestroughsNo. We can install gutter guards to any eavestrough system as long as it is in good shape. There really is no point in installing gutter guards on aging gutters in need of repairs or replacement. In this case, we would advise a complete system with both seamless gutters and gutter guards.

11. How Do I Know I Need My Eavestroughs Cleaned?

Water-Should-Not-Cascade-Over-EavestroughsIf you notice a lot of water overflowing from your eavestroughs you need to have them cleaned. Overflows are caused when rain runoff encounters debris that stops the water from flowing to the downpipes.

12. What Are The Signs I Need Eavestrough Replacement?

Eavestroughs Should Not Sag Or Pull Away From HouseSome of the tell-tale signs your eavestroughs need to be replaced include:

  • Water leaking from the middle of your gutter system
  • Rust
  • Eavestroughs pulling away from the house
  • Loose fasteners
  • Overflow
  • Icy buildup and icicles
  • Basement leaks
  • Signs of water infiltration inside your home such as wrinkles in the wall paint, mould, smells, etc.
  • Fading or peeling paint

All of these signs mean your eavestroughs are aging and could be in need of repair or replacement.

13. Can Eavestroughs Improve Curb Appeal?

Summer Home MaintenanceYes! New eavestroughs give your home a more cohesive, finished look. As mentioned, they come in many different colours and can really provide an added accent that pulls your roof, windows, brick and/or siding together. It can increase curb appeal and in turn, your home’s value.

14. What Type Of Warranty Do Weaver Eavestroughs Come With?

Weaver-Eavestrough-WarrantyEach manufacturer offers its own warranties which can be as long as 20 to 40 years depending on what is covered. However, when you have our team install your gutters, we offer an additional Weaver 10 year labour warranty that covers the cost of installation of any replacement parts you get through the manufacturer. If you choose a complete eavestrough and leaf guard system, we’ll upgrade your warranty from a 10 year to an extended lifetime warranty.

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