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Should I Replace All My Windows At The Same Time?


‘Should I replace all my windows at the same time?’ This is a common question homeowners ask when considering window replacement. Although new windows are an investment, they provide a high ROI when selling your home. They also improve energy efficiency, allowing you to keep your home comfortable all year round while reducing your energy bills. Here we look at the most important factors to consider to help you decide whether you need to replace all windows at the same time.

Your Budget

do-all-windows-need-to-be-replaced-at-the-same-time-budget-is-considerationWe start here because the amount of money you can afford is a significant factor in how many windows you can install. The best way to tackle the budget issue is to request a free quote from highly-rated local window installers. This allows you to find out three things:

  1. The current condition of your windows
  2. The cost to replace only some windows
  3. Any savings you see on a per-window basis by having all your windows installed at once

Many installation companies offer savings when you order window installations for the whole house. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Materials are bought in bulk for larger projects, saving money
  • Running your window order at the manufacturing plant all at once saves money on setup
  • Travel time, labour, and material costs are reduced with one installation
  • Discounts are often offered for larger projects as an incentive to do the whole home at once

Once you know how much it costs for individual windows versus the whole house, you can decide where you land budget-wise.

Window Condition

window-condition-will-determine-which-windows-should-be-replaced-firstThe condition of your windows is probably the most critical factor. Cracked, leaky, inefficient windows are in far more need of complete replacement than windows still performing reasonably well.

Maintaining A Uniform Façade

benefit-of-replacing-all-windows-at-same-time-is-uniformity-of-facadeReplacing windows simultaneously ensures you maintain a uniform look for the façade of your home. This is important for curb appeal but also looks nicer from the inside.

If you space out the time for installation too far, you could run into issues finding the exact look of your first installation. Although window trends tend to last about a decade, there are still small changes here and there that will make a noticeable difference to your windows’ appearance. You can negatively impact your home’s value without uniformity, so you’ll see a less impressive return on investment (ROI) when you sell. If you don’t have the budget to do the whole house, a good idea is to do all your front windows first.

Energy Efficiency

new-windows-provide-energy-efficiency-do-all-my-windows-need-to-be-replaced-at-the-same-timeOne of the main benefits of new windows is improved energy efficiency. This helps keep your home cozy in the winter and cool in the summer while reducing your energy bills. If you don’t install all your new windows in one go, you miss out on energy efficiency benefits.

Even a single drafty window makes a big difference in energy costs to heat and cool your home. If the slow-moving gas between your current glass windowpanes has leaked, your windows can no longer reflect the heat back into your rooms in the winter, or the sun’s heat back outwards during the summer.

When you invest in a whole house window replacement, your new windows will provide a tight seal, reflect the heat properly, and improve energy efficiency. You can also qualify for up to $5,000 in government grants with Weaver Exterior’s ENERGY STAR® windows. The Canada Greener Homes Grant Program will only apply if all windows are replaced. These savings can help cover the cost of a complete window replacement.


new-windows-are-low-maintenance-which-increases-value-of-homeNew vinyl or aluminum windows are very low maintenance. This is a huge benefit you don’t want to miss out on. If you keep some of your old wood or steel-framed windows, you’ll still have to contend with sanding and repainting them every year or two. Window maintenance takes time and costs money. Also, home buyers won’t want a home with half the windows still requiring home maintenance. They want move-in ready, low-maintenance homes.

Increased Home Value

do-all-windows-need-to-be-replaced-at-the-same-time-increases-home-valueIf you plan to sell your home in the next five years, as mentioned above, today’s home buyer wants a home with all the bells and whistles. This includes many of the benefits new windows offer, including:

Vinyl window replacement ranked fourth on the 2021 Cost vs. Value report on home improvements. They provide an average 69% return on investment.

Budgeting For New Windows

budgeting-for-new-windows-should-i-replace-all-my-windows-at-the-same-timeIf you find your budget is too tight to replace all windows at the same time, there are ways you can budget for new windows more effectively:

Window Materials

Choosing a more affordable window frame significantly affects the overall cost of your window installation project. Aluminum and vinyl windows are more affordable than wood, composite, and fibreglass windows. You can save hundreds of dollars per window. They are low maintenance and come in various colours to match your home’s exterior design.


You can also see savings by limiting the number of windows you replace that have grilles. For example, consider only having grilles on the front of the house to improve curb appeal. The back and side windows not visible from the street can then be grille-free to save money.


Glass type also impacts price. For example, frosted or tinted glass costs more than clear glass. Consider if you need these unique details and, if you do, only choose them for the rooms that make the most sense, such as a bathroom window where privacy is an issue.

Frame Colour

Frame colour also impacts price. For example, you’ll usually pay more for tinted vinyl than you would for basic white.

All of these adjustments will add up to impressive savings for your window installation, making it more feasible to replace all windows at the same time.

Should I Replace All My Windows At The Same Time? Pros And Cons

pros-and-cons-of-replacing-all-windows-at-the-same-time-WeaverThere are both pros and cons to replacing all windows at the same time:


  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Consistent look for the entire house
  • Cost breaks from most window installers due to material and labour cost savings
  • Increased home value
  • Increased ROI


  • More expensive

So, do you have to replace all windows at once? Not at all. But as you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons. If you want more information on new windows for your home, click here for a free quote.