We’re Parry Sound’s leading window and door installation and replacement company. We specialize in vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and masonry in Parry Sound, Newmarket and Simcoe County.

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We’re Parry Sound’s leading window and door installation and replacement company. We specialize in vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and masonry in Parry Sound, Newmarket and Simcoe County.

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Your home is the cherished place you go to for comfort. New windows will maintain and improve your home’s comfort with benefits like increased natural light, beautiful scenic views, and superior weather resistance. New high-efficiency windows are resistant to the intense weather conditions Northern Ontario often faces, such as harsh winds and heavy snowfall. For those homes in Parry Sound located near the water, the excellent thermal efficiency of new windows will help keep your home warm when winter winds come blasting off the lake.

Whether you live in a lakeside area or older home in Parry Sound, investing in new windows will dramatically increase your home’s energy efficiency and overall comfort. Our team of experts will provide you with the best possible window options to suit your home’s unique needs and environment.

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We take great pride in the work we do and how we do it.

Our valued customers demand quality work and a high level of service which, unfortunately, is a rarity in this day and age. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to elevate industry standards of professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail to where we think they should be. Using our focused, systematic approach to exterior remodeling, we’ll take your house and transform it into your dream home.

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Our Lifetime Warranty covers all window components including insulated glass, frames, sash, and hardware even accidental glass breakage. Our unique, no questions asked warranty is fully transferable at no additional charge.










Awning Windows

Awning windows open from the bottom out, directing fresh air into the home. These windows will bring in airflow along with the appealing smell of the lake and woods. Awning windows also allow for improved air circulation while preventing rain and outdoor debris from entering the home.


Bay Windows

Bay windows feature three panels extending outwards on an exterior wall. The front panel is flat and parallel to the wall, with angled side panels on the left and right sides. Bay windows are a gorgeous feature as they will let in more natural light and enhance your view of the scenic outdoors.


Bow Windows

By design, a bow window will make your room appear larger. Similar to bay windows, bow windows extend outwards from exterior walls, but typically incorporate four or more panels. A bow window will create the illusion of your room being larger because of its protruding shape.


Casement Windows

No other type of window offers as big an opening for ventilation as a casement window. Casement windows can catch side breezes because their open sash will act as a flap to funnel refreshing outdoor air into your living space. As they feature hook-shaped casement locks embedded within their frames, casement windows will give your home an added layer of security.


Custom Windows

Our team will ensure our windows fit seamlessly into the unique window size specifications of your home in Parry Sound. Each window is tailored to accommodate any window shape and is masterfully fitted by our team of expert window installers. Whether you live near the lake or a bustling tourist area, our team will provide you with the best possible window options to meet the unique needs of your lifestyle and environment.


Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two sashes in the window frame that can move up and down and also tilt in. With double hung windows, you have the option of choosing where air flow originates from in your home, allowing for improved air circulation. Installing new double hung windows will drastically reduce heating and cooling costs due to increased energy efficiency.


Single Hung Windows

The single hung window has two sashes, with the top sash fixed in place and the bottom sash able to slide up and down. Single hung windows will help minimize the transference of hot and cold temperatures between the outdoors and your home’s interior. Only one moving sash means there are fewer points where the window materials can wear down and begin to allow drafts to develop.


Slider Windows

Slider windows have fewer parts than most windows, making them a low-maintenance and cost-effective window type for any home in Parry Sound. If you are looking to soak up outdoor scenery, slider windows will provide you with a more natural and expansive view. Slider windows also allow for increased natural light and air ventilation.


Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows, which means they can’t be opened or closed. These large expanses of glass have one use – to frame a beautiful view. Installing picture windows side by side and stretching the whole length of the wall is a great way to open up your living space to the natural wonders outside, especially if you forego curtains and blinds.



Parry Sound Window Installation

For over two decades, our team has been completing exterior remodeling services in the Parry Sound area. Our proven eight-step window installation process will ensure we meet your budget and timeline while maintaining consistent and open communication between you and our team.

Parry Sound Window Replacement

If your windows are foggy, drafty, rotting, or difficult to open and close, it’s time to consider replacing your windows. One of the most noticeable benefits of new windows is a significant reduction in monthly energy costs. Since our installation process is so efficient and quick, window replacements in Parry Sound are possible during all seasons and weather conditions.

New Construction Window Installation

If you’re building or renovating a home or cottage in Parry Sound, new construction windows will offer you the most options when it comes to window customization. From colour choices to window style – you choose every piece of the puzzle. This flexibility will allow for a seamless window installation process and endless possibilities for window type, location, shape, and size.

Expert Window Installation

Weaver Exterior Remodeling window installers are truly experts in the field. We hire the most talented tradespeople in the industry to provide a level of service that will exceed your expectations. We also offer our clients a lifetime warranty on all our products, free of charge.


I’m thinking about replacing the windows in my home in Parry Sound. Is there a cost to receive a quote?

No - quotes are free. Please contact us by phone or email to schedule a complimentary in-home appointment with one of our window and door specialists.

Do you install new windows during the winter in Parry Sound? How long does the whole process take?

Yes - our team installs windows all year round, regardless of the season. We typically complete the installation process within one day.

What are the main benefits of updating the windows in my home in Parry Sound?

Perhaps the biggest benefit will be a drastic reduction in your monthly energy costs. Installing new windows will also increase your home’s curb appeal and property value.

I feel a draft entering my home in Parry Sound. What window options will prevent outside air from entering my home?

Our team will provide you with a free energy assessment to discover the best possible window options for your specific needs. New energy-efficient windows will increase the comfort levels in your home.

I live near the lake in Parry Sound. What window options are best for living on the lake?

Any energy-efficient window option is appropriate for homes located on the lake. Casement windows, however, are one of the most energy-efficient window options.

I live in an older home in Parry Sound. Will replacement windows fit in my home’s unique window specifications?

Yes - we tailor each window to accommodate any unique specifications and they are installed seamlessly by our expert tradespeople.

How long will it take to replace the windows in my home in Parry Sound?

Installation times vary depending on the number and types of windows you need for your home. Although we aim to have windows installed in as little as 5 weeks, we will not know the exact timeline until an in-home consultation is completed and your entire scope of work is determined.

My home in Parry Sound doesn’t let in much light. What window options are best for maximizing natural light?

Picture windows are one of the best options to maximize natural light in your home, especially if you forego curtains and blinds.

Do any exterior elements of my home in Parry Sound need to be removed when new windows are being installed?

No - we generally have no need to remove or tamper with any exterior elements of your home.

What is the most cost-effective window option for my home in Parry Sound?

We offer numerous high-efficiency window options to reduce your energy costs. We are happy to provide you with a complimentary, in-home assessment with one of our specialists to gauge the best window types for your needs.


About Parry Sound

Known as the “World Renowned Jewel” of Georgian Bay, Parry Sound is located on the shores of the world’s largest freshwater archipelago, the 30,000 Islands. Parry Sound has something for everyone: outdoor adventure and attractions, hiking trails, performing arts, natural vistas, and breathtaking sunsets. UNESCO designated the area as a Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve.


Parry Sound is located 160 kilometres south of Sudbury and 225 kilometres north of Toronto. Hugging the shores of Georgian Bay, Parry Sound is located just off Highway 400 near the desirable, vacationer’s paradise of Georgian Bay.


Parry Sound has a year-round population of 18,000 and a seasonal population of over 60,000. Not only is the town a service centre for a large seasonal population, but it is also a great year-round destination to live, work and play.


Parry Sound, the largest natural harbour on Georgian Bay, was named after Sir William Edward Parry, the Arctic explorer. The unique beauty of the town and area was captured on canvas to be shared with others. Tom Thomson and members of the Group of Seven used Parry Sound’s town and islands as subjects for their paintings.


The town of Parry Sound is a commercial hub for the surrounding area and is supported by a variety of businesses throughout the region. Affordable land costs, government incentives, and waterfront lifestyle make Parry Sound an optimal location for businesses to thrive.

Entertainment & Attractions

Parry Sound is rich in arts, culture, and heritage with events and attractions such as the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts, the Festival of the Sound, and the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame. The six-kilometre Rotary and Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail is a waterfront trail offering the opportunity for swimming and picnicking on stunning Waubuno Beach.

Surrounding Locations

Parry Sound is approximately a two and a half drive north of Toronto, surrounded by numerous smaller cities and towns including Barrie, Newmarket, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Innisfil, Alliston, Collingwood, Midland, Gravenhurst, Orillia, Tottenham, and Angus.



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Energy-Efficient Window Upgrade


Our exceptional exterior remodeling services include windows, doors, siding, masonry and eavestroughs.

Servicing the greater Bruce, Grey and Simcoe County region.

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Regardless of the season, investing in new high-efficiency windows will decrease energy consumption, increase your comfort levels, and improve the beauty of your home, inside and out. Our team appreciates the commitment you have for your home by investing in its upkeep, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible window options to reflect and maintain the beauty of your home in Parry Sound.

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