We’re Collingwood’s leading window and door installation and replacement company. We specialize in vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and masonry in Collingwood, Barrie and Simcoe County.

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We’re Collingwood’s leading window and door installation and replacement company. We specialize in vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and masonry in Collingwood, Barrie and Simcoe County.

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If your Collingwood home is located on Georgian Bay or near bustling Blue Mountain Village, noise pollution from tourist events and activities can negatively impact your comfort levels and property value. Due to the principals of glass, your windows are the greatest conductor of noise in the home. Since noise travels through windows via leaks and poor seals, a new set of high-efficiency windows will help to reduce external noise by tightening the window seal and reducing air infiltration between window joints.

Whether you’re looking to reduce external noise, let in more natural light, or increase comfort levels throughout all seasons, our team will provide you with the best possible window options to suit your needs. Upon the installation of new energy-efficient windows, you will notice a drastic reduction in external noise levels and your heating and cooling costs. New windows will also increase comfort levels and enhance the curb appeal to your home in this attractive, bustling community.

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We take great pride in the work we do and how we do it.

Our valued customers demand quality work and a high level of service which, unfortunately, is a rarity in this day and age. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to elevate industry standards of professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail to where we think they should be. Using our focused, systematic approach to exterior remodeling, we’ll take your house and transform it into your dream home.

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Our Lifetime Warranty covers all window components including insulated glass, frames, sash, and hardware even accidental glass breakage. Our unique, no questions asked warranty is fully transferable at no additional charge.










Awning Windows

Awning windows are a routinely popular window choice for the kitchen. As awning windows swing outward, air circulation is improved while preventing rain and outdoor debris from entering the home. Awning windows are a cost-effective window option, as they will increase the energy efficiency of your home.


Bay Windows

A traditional bay window features three panels extending outwards on an exterior wall. The front panel is flat and parallel to the wall, with angled side panels on the left and right sides. Bay windows are a stunning feature for any home in Collingwood, as they create bright and spacious alcoves to be enjoyed as scenic lookouts.


Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar to bay windows with four or more panels extending outwards from exterior walls. As the rounder curve of these windows allows for softer angles, bow windows will provide an attractive curb appeal for your home in Collingwood.


Casement Windows

Air circulation will be improved by installing casement windows in your home. As casement windows are highly efficient with a tight seal against extreme weather conditions, these windows are a common and practical window choice for homes in Collingwood.


Custom Windows

Whether you live near Georgian Bay or Blue Mountain Ski Resort, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible window options to fit the particular needs of your home in Collingwood. Our expert installers will fit each window seamlessly into your home, as we customize windows to fit all shapes and sizes.


Double Hung Windows

Installing double hung windows can improve air circulation throughout the home, as you can choose where air flow originates from. A double hung window has two window sashes that open from either the top, the bottom, or from both directions.


Single Hung Windows

Installing single hung windows will allow your energy costs to be reduced while increasing your home’s curb appeal. As single hung windows are easy to clean and operate, they are a popular window choice. The single hung window has two sashes, with the top sash fixed in place and the bottom sash able to slide up and down.


Slider Windows

Slider windows have one or two moving sashes that slide across a track. As these windows open and close with ease, they are easy to maintain. Slider windows will allow a large amount of sunlight to enter your home, which is a particularly attractive benefit during Collingwood’s cold and dark winter months.


Picture Windows

Picture windows are a unique option as they have no moving parts. Since picture windows do not open, they are very secure and energy efficient. As you can experience the scenic views of Collingwood more freely with picture windows, this window type is an attractive option for your home.



Collingwood Window Installation

Our team has been completing exterior remodeling services in the Collingwood area for over 20 years. Our team will meet all anticipated budgets and timelines by using our proven eight-step window installation process.

Collingwood Window Replacement

When you notice your windows are foggy, drafty, rotting, or difficult to open and close, it’s time to think about replacing your windows. One of the most noticeable benefits of new windows will be a significant reduction in your monthly energy costs. It’s possible for our team to replace the windows in your home year-round in Collingwood, as our installation process is so quick and efficient.

New Construction Window Installation

Are you renovating or building a home in Collingwood? New construction windows will offer you the most flexibility when it comes to customizing your windows. Our team will install new construction windows directly into the framing of your home, allowing for a seamless installation process.

Expert Window Installation

Weaver Exterior Remodeling window installers are true experts in the field. We hire the most talented tradespeople in the industry to provide a level of service that will exceed your expectations. We also offer our clients a lifetime warranty on all our products, free of charge.


I’m considering updating my home in Collingwood with new windows. Is there a charge to receive an estimate?

We will set you up for an in-home quote with one of specialists - free of charge!

Do you service window installations during the winter in Collingwood? If so, how long will the whole process take?

Absolutely! At Weaver, we install windows year-round. We typically complete the process within one day.

What are the main benefits of replacing the windows in my home in Collingwood?

One of the biggest benefits will be the dramatic decrease of your energy bills. New windows will also update your home’s curb appeal, increasing its overall value.

I feel a cold draft entering my home in Collingwood. What window options will prevent this draft?

A set of brand new, energy-efficient windows will dramatically increase energy efficiency and comfort levels in your home. We will provide an energy assessment and give you the best possible window options.

If I live in an older home in Collingwood, will new windows fit my home’s existing window shapes and sizes?

Absolutely! At Weaver, we customize each window for any shape or size and then have them installed by our expert tradespeople.

I live near the Blue Mountain Ski Resort. What types of windows are most recommended for reducing external noise?

All of our energy-efficient window options would be appropriate for homes located near noisy areas. Any set of new, energy-efficient windows will minimize external noise by tightening the window seal and reducing air infiltration.

After I order new windows for my home in Collingwood, how long will the total installation process take?

Our team will typically complete the installation process in as little as 5 weeks!

What window types will allow more light to enter my home in Collingwood?

If you are looking to maximize natural light, picture windows would be the best window option. Picture windows are also the highest rated option for energy efficiency.

Do any exterior elements of my home in Collingwood need to be tampered with when installing new windows?

No, there is not generally any need to remove any exterior elements of your home.

What are the most cost-effective window types for my home in Collingwood?

We encourage you to contact us directly for a free, in-home assessment with one of our specialists. At Weaver, we offer numerous window options to meet the unique needs of your home.


About Collingwood

Collingwood is a town in Simcoe County, Ontario. Nestled on the southern shores of Georgian Bay and and located in close proximity to Blue Mountain Village, the town of Collingwood has become a major recreation area. The community is rich in history and culture with a historic Downtown Heritage Conservation District, boasting an exciting array of boutique shops, services, and restaurants. Collingwood’s location on the waterfront provides endless opportunities for boating, fishing, and winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding.


The town of Collingwood is approximately a two hour drive north of Toronto, situated on Nottawasaga Bay at the southern point of Georgian Bay. Being located between the ski hills of the Niagara Escarpment and the sandy shores of Georgian Bay, Collingwood is truly perfect as a four-season destination.


Collingwood is one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada, according to the latest census data. The municipality ranked 24th on the list of fastest-growing municipalities located outside a census metropolitan area. Over the last couple years, Collingwood has had a 13.3% jump in population, increasing to 21,793 from 19,241 residents.


In 1855, the Ontario, Simcoe, and Huron railway came into Collingwood and the harbour became the shipment point for goods destined for the upper Great Lakes ports of Chicago and Thunder Bay. Collingwood was incorporated as a town in 1858. The town was named after Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood, Lord Nelson’s second in command at the Battle of Trafalgar, who assumed command of the British fleet after Nelson’s death.


The town of Collingwood has established itself as a four-season tourist area. The economic focus of Collingwood has increasingly shifted towards providing services for the resort trade. The Barrie-Collingwood Railway (BCRY) is a short-line railway operation providing rail service to all industries in and around Barrie and Collingwood.

Entertainment & Attractions

Collingwood is frequently visited due to nearby Blue Mountain Ski Resort. The town is also a short distance from the popular Wasaga Beach Provincial Park and the world’s largest freshwater beach. There are more than 100 events that take place in the Collingwood each year, including February Family Jam, Collingwood Festival for Canada, and Collingwood Elvis Festival, which attracts Elvis impersonators from around the world.

Surrounding Locations

Collingwood is approximately a two hour drive north of Toronto, surrounded by numerous smaller cities and towns including Barrie, Newmarket, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Innisfil, Owen Sound, Gravenhurst, Orillia, Alliston, Tottenham, and Angus.



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Energy-Efficient Window Upgrade


Our exceptional exterior remodeling services include windows, doors, siding, masonry and eavestroughs.

Servicing the greater Bruce, Grey and Simcoe County region.

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Collingwood is a picturesque and desirable community to live in. Investing in high-efficiency windows will dramatically increase your home’s overall property value. We appreciate your commitment to investing in the upkeep of your home, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible window options to reflect the love you have for your home.

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