We’re Bracebridge’s leading window and door installation and replacement company. We specialize in vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and masonry in Bracebridge, Newmarket and Simcoe County.

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We’re Bracebridge’s leading window and door installation and replacement company. We specialize in vinyl windows, entry doors, siding and masonry in Bracebridge, Newmarket and Simcoe County.

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Your home is your haven – the place you go to for comfort and protection. The benefits of new windows far outweigh the cost, as they improve your home’s overall environment with benefits like improved views, custom style, increased security, natural light, and noise reduction.

Investing in new windows will increase the energy efficiency of your home or cottage while enhancing its curb appeal. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible window options to suit your needs while tailoring your new windows to meet any unique specifications.

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We take great pride in the work we do and how we do it.

Our valued customers demand quality work and a high level of service which, unfortunately, is a rarity in this day and age. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to elevate industry standards of professionalism, customer service, and attention to detail to where we think they should be. Using our focused, systematic approach to exterior remodeling, we’ll take your house and transform it into your dream home.

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Our Lifetime Warranty covers all window components including insulated glass, frames, sash, and hardware even accidental glass breakage. Our unique, no questions asked warranty is fully transferable at no additional charge.










Awning Windows

As they will increase the overall energy efficiency of your home in Bracebridge, awning windows are a cost-effective window option. Awning windows swing outward, which allows for improved air circulation while preventing rain and outdoor debris from entering the home.


Bay Windows

Bay windows are a stunning feature for any home in Bracebridge, as they create a bright and spacious alcove to be enjoyed as a scenic lookout. Bay windows feature three panels extending outwards on an exterior wall. The front panel is flat and parallel to the wall, with angled side panels on the left and right sides.


Bow Windows

The rounded curves of bow windows allow for softer angles, providing an attractive curb appeal for any home in Bracebridge. Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but consist of four or more panels extending outwards from the exterior walls.


Casement Windows

Air circulation will be improved in your home by installing casement windows, as they offer a tight seal against extreme weather conditions. Casement windows are a practical and popular window type for any home in Bracebridge.


Custom Windows

Whether you live near the Muskoka River or historic downtown, our team is committed to providing you with the best possible window options for you and your home’s needs in Bracebridge. Regardless of window size or location, our team of expert installers will fit each window seamlessly into your home.


Double Hung Windows

With double hung windows you can choose where air flow originates from in the home, allowing for improved air circulation. A double hung window has two window sashes that open from either the top, the bottom, or from both directions.


Single Hung Windows

The single hung window has two sashes, with the top sash fixed in place and the bottom sash able to slide up and down. As single hung windows are easy to operate and clean, they are a practical window choice for any home in Bracebridge.


Slider Windows

Slider windows will allow a large amount of natural light to enter your home in Bracebridge – a particularly welcome benefit during the dark and cold winter months. Slider windows operate with one or two moving sashes that slide across a track. As they open and close with ease, slider windows are easy to maintain.


Picture Windows

Picture windows will allow you to maximize the truly picturesque views of your Bracebridge community. As these windows do not open, picture windows are very secure and energy efficient. Picture windows are an overall attractive and unique option for any home in Bracebridge.



Bracebridge Window Installation

Our team has been completing exterior remodeling services in the Bracebridge and surrounding area for over two decades. Our team is sure to meet your anticipated budget and timeline using our proven eight-step window installation process.

Bracebridge Window Replacement

When you notice your windows are foggy, drafty, difficult to open and close or have rotten frames, it’s time to think about replacing your windows. One of the most noticeable benefits will be a drastic reduction in your energy bills. Due to the efficiency of our window replacement process, it’s possible for you to have your windows replaced all year round.

New Construction Window Installation

Are you building or renovating a home or cottage in Bracebridge? New construction windows will offer you the most flexibility when it comes to window customization. As we install new construction windows directly into the framing of the home, our installation process is seamless.

Expert Window Installation

Weaver Exterior Remodeling window installers are true perfectionists. Our tradespeople are dedicated to taking care of our client’s homes as if it were their own and will ensure the window installation process surpasses your expectations. We are so confident in our window installers that we offer our clients a complimentary lifetime warranty on their labour.


If I’m thinking about updating the windows in my home in Bracebridge, is there a cost to receive a quote?

Upon contacting us at Weaver, we will promptly set you up with a complimentary in-home quote and assessment with one of our specialists!

Do you complete window installations during the winter in Bracebridge? If so, how long does the whole process take?

Yes! We install windows year-round, regardless of the weather. We typically complete the installation process within one day.

What are the main benefits of updating the windows in my Bracebridge home?

You will notice a dramatic reduction in your monthly energy bills. Installing new windows will also enhance your home’s curb appeal and overall property value.

I feel a draft in my home in Bracebridge. What window type will prevent outside air from entering my home?

New energy-efficient windows will save energy and provide consistent temperatures in your home. Our team will provide you with a complimentary energy assessment to set you up with the best possible window options.

If I live in an older home in Bracebridge, will new windows fit in my home’s unique window specifications?

Absolutely! We tailor each window to accommodate all unique window specifications. Your new windows will be installed seamlessly by our expert tradespeople.

I live near the bridge in Bracebridge. What types of windows are most recommended for living near a noisy tourist destination?

All of our energy-efficient window options would be appropriate for homes located near noisy tourist areas. Any set of new windows will minimize external noise by tightening the window seal.

How long will the total window installation process take in my Bracebridge home?

Our team will generally complete the window installation process in as little as 5 weeks from your order date!

My Bracebridge home doesn’t let in much sunlight. What window option will allow more natural light to enter my home?

Picture windows are the best option to maximize natural light in your home. Picture windows are also rated as the top window option for energy efficiency.

Do any exterior elements of my home in Bracebridge need to be removed when new windows are being installed?

There is generally no need to remove any exterior elements of your home!

What are the most cost-effective window options for my home in Bracebridge?

We are happy to provide you with a free, in-home assessment with one of our specialists! At Weaver, we offer numerous high efficiency window options to reduce energy costs.


About Bracebridge

Known as “The Heart of Muskoka,” Bracebridge is a picturesque town located in the middle Ontario’s stunning cottage country. Home to postcard-worthy architecture, downtown Bracebridge has been voted one of the 10 most historic downtowns in Ontario and one of the top 25 places to live in Canada. During the spring and summer months, the lakes and rivers surrounding Bracebridge make it the perfect place to visit. In 2016, Huffington Post ranked Muskoka as having the best fall colours in the country.


Bracebridge is located in the Muskoka District Municipality in Ontario. Just two hours from both downtown Toronto and North Bay, the town of Bracebridge is situated on the Muskoka River overlooking the famous Bracebridge Falls, the most significant waterfall in Muskoka.


Bracebridge has a population of approximately 16,000 residents that doubles during the summer months. A substantial percentage of the population is within “working age” (15-60) and 30% of the population is between 25 and 54 years old.


Bracebridge has a rich heritage and historic downtown. Visitors can try the Historic Walk – a 1.3 kilometre leisure trail with information plaques to identify 10 different points of interest. For a peek into the heritage and culture of Bracebridge, Woodchester grounds is one of the few remaining octagonal houses in Canada, and the Chapel Gallery showcases the work of many Muskoka artisans.


The economy of Bracebridge is diversified with strong construction, hospitality, and professional sectors. Bracebridge is a desirable location for entrepreneurs and business professionals who believe that it is possible to bridge success in business with fulfillment in life.

Entertainment & Attractions

Known as Muskoka’s Downtown, “The Bridge” offers a diverse combination of clothing stores, gift shops, art galleries, and restaurants. For outdoor enthusiasts, Bracebridge boasts many parks, trails, beaches, boat launches and adventure parks to provide plenty of hiking, biking, and water sports. In the winter, there are endless cross country skiing and snowshoe and snowmobile trails.

Surrounding Locations

Bracebridge is approximately a two hour drive north of Toronto, surrounded by numerous smaller cities and towns including Barrie, Newmarket, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Innisfil, Alliston, Collingwood, Owen Sound, Gravenhurst, Orillia, Tottenham, and Angus.



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Energy-Efficient Window Upgrade


Our exceptional exterior remodeling services include windows, doors, siding, masonry and eavestroughs.

Servicing the greater Bruce, Grey and Simcoe County region.

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Your investment in new high-efficiency windows will increase your home’s property value which will also increase your home’s resale value in one of the most beautiful and desirable areas in the country. If you ever choose to sell your home, replacement windows can yield up to a 75% return on investment.

Please contact us by phone or email to schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation.

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