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Updated:  January 29, 2019

Exterior Project - Full House Remodel From Rundown To Rustic

This exterior home transformation began with the removal of all existing siding, soffit and fascia.

This drafty old sliding door was replaced with a patio door with four full length panels, requiring the expert removal of the brickwork below the windows to extend the opening for the additional two panels.

Rboard, a thick silver foam insulation was installed to increase energy efficiency and R value.

The result: an incredible transformation from rundown to rustic. Brand new double paned windows were installed, along with beautiful board and batten siding in a custom shade of grey.

On the rear of the home, a space was cut out of the brickwork for the installation of a brand new three panel patio door, with three coordinating picture windows above it.

Did you know there are rebate programs to help with the cost of whole home renovations? Contact us for a complimentary quote.


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